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Hello all, sorry for creating a second post in two days. I just figured i'd ask this question.

I currently have this receiver: Onkyo HT-S3500

I replaced all of the speakers EXCEPT the woofer with these: Jamo S426 HCS 3

I realize this isn't the most powerful setup, but it serves its purpose as a budget system right now. The speakers were a steal at $100 on amazon last year so I grabbed them.

Onto the issue at hand; I am not getting much bass in the custom modes available when watching DVD's or blu rays (some of my anime blu rays don't have 5.1 or DTS).

I am thinking maybe it's my crossover frequency...I am not exactly sure what to put it at. Currently I read somewhere online I should set it at around 90-100hz and set my speakers to small, which I did. It didn't seem to help the PLII modes or even the DTS Neo. PLII Music sounds great since I adjusted the width of my center, it definitely doesn't sound as powerful as Dolby 5.1 but it's better than nothing (but still, very little bass from the woofer).

Movies with DTS or Dolby play bass great, i'm not looking for window shattering bass...but I am barely getting any at all in those modes even when I turn the Sub woofer level up to max. Any suggestions would be appreciated (I realize this has a ton of factors, but i'm willing to try just about anything at this point). For example, one of my DBZ blu rays has 5.1 with japanese audio that sounds amazing when I set it to it and it plays like that, PLII music sounds somewhat similar but less powerful.

Thank you!

Edit: These are playing on a Sony BDP-S590. I have it set to bitsream already and tampered with the other audio settings to no avail.
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