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not quit an HDPC newbie question

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I am considering getting a second computer for home since I can't get on the one I have because my daughter is always on it. I have a traditional HDTV/home theater set up in the basement and was thinking that if I get the second computer I could just run it with my HDTV as the monitor. At this point I am not real interested in doing a full blown HDPC set up. I would primarily be using the computer/HDTV for gaming and internet/email activity. Probably would not be playing DVD's with it or doing any DVR stuff at this point or in near future.

I do want to take full advantage of HD video and 5.1/6.1 surround sound with gaming applications that support this.

So a couple of questions:

1) would a system like this ( http://www.cyberpowersystem.com/high...rebate.asp?v=d ) work for what I want to do?

2) Do I still need to get powerstrip?

3) I assume I would need a VGA to component converter to get HD vs an s video (My tv does not have DVI)

4) Regarding the sound cards. How do they output? Digital coax or multi channell analog. I do not have fire wire into audio system.

5) As far as games go, are most PC games available for 16:9 and HD?

Sorry for some dumb questions. Just getting info overload with all available sources of info and answers not directly addressing my questions.


Rick C.
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