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Hey guys,

I appreciate any help anyone is willing to give me here. I'll post the current questions I have as I am just starting to look into buying all the equipment/accessories I need to complete my basement.

I am expecting my 70" Sony HDTV next week (550A)

Other than that...I have pretty much nothing except a PS4 for Bluray/gaming.

First question I have is I had Charter come out and run a coax cable to where the TV will be. They put it right next to the power receptacle though (pictured below). I've done a bit of reading on these forums, but thought I'd double check, is this an issue? Should I work on moving it at least 6" away from the power? It will take quite a bit of work as the basement is finished and would have to maneuver through the drywall to move it, but I have to run speaker wires anyway.

The following 2 pictures aren't great, but will give you an idea of where I am thinking of putting the rear speakers (going with 5.1 surround sound).

So there will only be one couch downstairs (the loveseat won't be there). So the rear speakers will be directly to the right and left of us on the couch (about 4-5 FT above - planning on angling it down towards the viewers).

And this picture below is just a shot of the wall that will have the TV on it.

Another question I have is...I'll be running at least 1 HDMI cable from my TV to the receiver (still need to purchase). This will be going through the drywall and coming out at the bottom (or I might look at moving the receiver behind the 2 closets. Either way, I read some places that you need inwall HDMI cables or something like that. Is it true that I need a special type of cable for running in walls? I don't plan on running anywhere near power lines by the way if that matters at all.

So just also looking at recommendations on anything else I need to consider.

If you're willing, I could use suggestions on a receiver, speakers, and subwoofer. I would say the range for all of that would be $800-$1,200 maybe or less (really not sure at this point). We aren't audiophiles (yet) and are just looking for a good starter system to watch movies with (and play PS4 games).

The entire room is about 33x24. The actual viewing area will be approximately 12 x 12.

Lastly, I just have some questions on a wallmount for a 100# 70" Sony LED HDTV...I've found a few (not too many out there that say they support 70"). I really don't see a need to tilt or angle my TV. So here are 2 mounts:

Real cheap mount $30:

Expensive mount that gives the ability to pull out the TV and angle it (which I really don't need that) $180:

I have a hard time only spending $30 on a mount for my 70" TV, but it does look very solid and has enough holes in it that I can make sure it is secure. What is your opinion, is the cheaper option really going to get the job done or should I not even think about it and go for the expensive one (or another one?) Obviously I'd rather put the money toward a nice receiver/speakers if the main difference is the ability to angle the TV. But I don't want to risk the mount failing on me.

I'm definitely willing to answer any questions to get all my bases covered for this project. I really do appreciate any help. I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but I don't want to write too much on my first post.

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