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I'm planning to purchase this receiver today,

but first want to confirm it will work for my purposes and help clarify how many HDMI cables I'll need to order from monoprice.


- My plasma has 2 HDMI inputs

- My DVR has 1 HDMI out

- Blu Ray has 1 HDMI out

- Only thing I'll have hooked up is: Plasma, DVR and Blu-Ray

Looks like this Receiver has HDMI 1.3a inputs x 2 and HDMI 1.3a output x 1......will I be able to hook all of the above up appropriately?

Also, how would I go about hooking these all up to work together properly which will help me figure out how many HDMI cables I'll need. Is it..

DVR and Blu-Ray both get HDMI'd individually to the receiver (into the receivers 2 HDMI inputs noted above). And then from receivers one HDMI output to the Plasma HDMI input?

Is this correct? Want to make sure I'm able to listen/view both the DVR's TV programming as well as the Blu-Ray through the receiver/speakers

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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie /forum/post/18216818

You got it. You'll need 3 total HDMI cables, 1 from each component in to the 589 and 1 from the 589 monitor out to the TV.


I referenced this Denon receiver somewhere else and they pointed me to this Onkyo 7.2 receiver instead...

I have absolutely no need for a 7.1 system, so wondering if this Onkyo reciever is overkill for me? I don't plan on adding any other components other than the Blu-Ray, DVR and an iPod dock....with this in mind and knowing I'll only use a 5.1 setup is there a reason to pay double the price for this Onkyo receiver over the Denon?
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