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Sell ​​unavailable (those who have it if he keeps it tight) DLP Projector Full HD Samsung SP-A800B JKP

Like new about 80 hours of operation, perfect for standard colorimetry color HD digital cinema calibrated by Joe Kane, Guru projection in U.S.A recognized worldwide (the one who invented the discs to calibrate the vpr and tv). It is a high end machine, even higher Jvc (to make a name at random) in all but for black, which is still good:

* Razor as only a dlp monomatrice can 'be, thanks optics made in house by Samsung itself

* Dynamic black texas instruments invisible to the eye

* Brightness' on screens up to 3 meters

* Very quiet

* Modern aesthetic and elegant

Of this product were made rave reviews everywhere in the world and 'used as a reference for many professionals, having regard to its quality'. In this review it is deduced as:

"The overall picture quality of the SP-A800B is superior to anything at or near its price range, Including the more-expensive Sony VPL-VW200 SXRD projector. Gamma, primary colors, and grayscale accuracy are all Also superior to the Sony "

And sorry if it 'little, considering that as the beauty of the images of the Sony xenon lamp (from € 1,000) if the beats with the lights on the Vango.

Another nice review:

Features and manual:

An expert forumer is in favor of the DLP pj :

"To speak only of the black level is ********. The black level MUST be in relation to the white level. Anyway, the DLP from this point of view are behind the reflective. But the contrast ratio is not everything.

* A DLP has no consistency problems that have reflective instead.

* A DLP does not modify its linearity and uniformity over time, as instead the reflexive form.

* In other words, the DLP is practically eternal: just replace the lamp "

Very much in keeping gamers' cause:

"Dlp has no input lag or at least the shortest of all projectors techniques"

A beautiful gift request Omnimount bracket DVDO video processor HD +

Contact me for every question,i have some feedbak on ebay too .

Good Year, Fabio

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