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Now that I have an ECP 4101...

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Thought I'd start out with an entry level projector to learn the in's and out's before I dedicated a whole room to it. After bringing the unit home, low hours, under 100, the vertical adjustment does not respond. Is this due to age? And more importantly, what's the cure? Also, what else do I have to look forward to in terms of upkeep? The unit was built in '90 and has a software version on 3.1, '93, and has the Sony 07MS tubes.


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How did you determine that the hours were "less than 100?
I purchased it from an employee of a company that used it very sparingly. But that does bring up a good point, are the hours on these machines verifiable?

The first thing you should do, if you haven't done it already, is a complete system reset. See if that helps.
The hours are NOT verifiable on that machine, but in any event, I would remove the lenses and clean them. At the same time, you can check the tubes for wear. Even if the tubes had 2000 hours, you should NOT see ANY wear pattern on them.

Next, you should remove and re-seat all the boards, so you don't have to worry about whether they're seated OK.
O.K.! I've done the reset, taken off the lenses and cleaned them, looked at the tubes, very even, no wear, then, pulled out boards and reseated them. The vertical hold still does not respond with the remote. Is there a manual way to adjust this or do I need a new board and, if so, which one?

(I was going to include pictures but the camera was in a high pixel mode and now the projectors all back together)

Well, the last owner was an outright liar..:)

The 4101 made in 1990 did not originally come with 07MS tubes, the good news is that the set most likely was retubed under 3000 hours ago with brighter sharper tubes, so that's a good thing.

The V hold control is auto locking, as long as it's locking I'd just leave it alone.

If it's rolling and you cannot adjust it, then you probably need the Dallas chip replaced on the CPU board, or there's a problem on the V board which is the one with the green LED's on it.

I've got stock.

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Just a thought...

I presume that you have a source connected to the projector. If you are just trying to display the convergence grid, you may not get it stable if you do not have a source connected. If you do have a source connected then follow Curts' advice.

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