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Now that the Panny plasmas aren't available...

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What's the current "State of the Art"?

I'm set - for now - but I have some friends in the market for two TVs. If they can locate a 60" ZT60, I've suggested they snatch it up for their bedroom.

But they're looking for something bigger in the living room, so what's the next best option?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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If we're not talking about OLED, the Samsung H7000 will reign supreme throughout 2014. The closest competitor might be the Vizio R, but let's see the review first before crowning anything.

Not a lot of options on sizes bigger than the plasmas though. Even with the latest IGZO improvements, those Sharp panels are still mediocre and those FALD 2160p LCDs are priced through the roof that it actually makes more sense to buy OLEDs.
samsung plasma


wait a little more

check classifieds


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i'd say get a samsung 5300 or what ever is currently available in plasma . because you never know if samsung all of the sudden decides to not continue making plasma. look at pioneer i was so set on getting a 10g but i had no choice but to get the 9g and the 60 inch were sold out i got the last of its batch. years later * now i decided to get another 60 inch and i was happy with the costco sale $8xx . its amazing in its self but the pq is amazing ( close to my elite pro-111 )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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