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I'm trying to set up ARC between my Onkyo TX-NR509 and Vizio E601i-A3 but can't seem to get audio out of the external speakers.

HDMI1 on the TV is connected to HDMI Out on the receiver. On the TV, I did the following:
  • Change Digital Audio on your TV to Dolby Digital
  • Turn off the TV internal speakers
  • Turn CEC on
  • Search for the device under CEC menu
  • System Audio Control (under CEC) is ON

I see the TX-NR509 is listed in the device list. On the receiver side, I did the following:
  • HDMI Setup -> HDMI Ctrl (RIHD) is On
  • HDMI Setup -> Audio Return Ch is Auto
  • Source Setup -> Audio Selector is ARC

The source is set to TV/CD. Unfortunately, I don't have any other devices connected to this receiver to test it. However, I was able to change the source to the FM Tuner and confirmed the radio worked without any issues. With these settings, everything else appears to behave as expected (volume changes on both the receiver and TV, enabling CEC or System Audio Control turns of TV speakers etc.)

I contacted Onkyo support and they confirmed everything seems to be configured properly. I also tried a firmware upgrade and a hard reset but that didn't help either. They mentioned it may be a compatibility issue between RIHD and CEC. Anyone ever seen this before? Thanks!
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