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NR838, NR1010, NR1030 or X4100W to replace my SR805

Just upgraded my Sony VPL-VW40 to the Sony VPL-HW55ES and found out my 875 cannot pass the 3D signal from my PS3, PS4 or XBOX One and I apparently need to upgrade my 805 as I am not interested in splitters or buying another BLu Ray Player with dual HDMI.

I am completely happy and satisfied with my 805 other than that it does not have 3D so will the 838 be all I need or should Inlook at one of the others?

Should I upgrade to NR838, NR1010, NR1030 or X4100W, or is there an older model as solid as the 875 with 3D support I could pick up?
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