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I have a 3 year old Sony STR DH820 receiver, and I am have some speaker set up questions.


I am runing my old Logitech Z5500 speakers with Speaker A, and have all 5 speakers hooked up direct, and the sub thru the module and into the Subwoofer out jacks.

Speaker settings - 3/2.1 and small

Surround set for Neo6 Cinima.

This system works fairly well for movies and TV, but I decdided that I want better music play back, so I hooked up my older sterio speakers to the Front Speaker "B" Right and Left terminals, and I do have the B terminals set for Spkr B in the GUI settings. Now I was under the impression that on the B setting I would only hear the two speakers hooked up to the B terminals, + the Sub, depending on the Large or Small speaker settings, but I may be incorrect on that assumption.

What I am getting is as follows:

1 - Spkr A playes all speakers

2 - Spkr B playes all speakers but with the fronts switched out from the small 5500's to the bigger sterio speakers.

Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Further, is it possible to have the "A" speakers set to Small, and the "B" speakers set to Large?


When I play a stereo CD, I get 2 channel stereo play back, but when I play Pandora Radio, which I suspect to be 2 channel stereo, I get play back on all speakers, including Front R&L, Rear R&L, and Center.

Any comments on this?
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