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I have a basement room that is 17'X25' with a Trey Ceiling that is 8' to trey and a little over 9'. I have never had a projector so I really don't know what I am doing. I have enclosed some pics of my room and equipment. Like others on here, I thought I would only need a power receptacle and an HDMI routed to the projector. Also I was just using regular speaker wire that is 12 awg. My equipment that I have now is and Harmon / Kardon AVR2600, Jamo 5.0 entry level and a 10year old 100watt self powered JBL subwoofer. Also, Dish Network, Apple TV, and an Xbox that I have used maybe 5 times. Further, I just bought a refurbished LG BluRay player, my first one.

Because I have a trey ceiling I am running into set up issues in many areas. My seating area before the two metal support polls is 11' to 17'4" with the future plan of a bar behind that with some stools for extra seating during football games. At first I am starting with just 3 theater recliners and then if I have room, 3 more elevated behind and then the bar behind that. Lastly the fridge and a small kitchen area on the back wall. I have never really seen a home theater projector setup in person, so I am flying blind.

Questions that I have are:

*Should I use the DataCom or something else for projector in ceiling?

*Which of these would work best for that size room, for watching college football, hockey and movies? I guess buying a projector ahead of finishing helps in determining where to a connection in the ceiling.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350

Mitsubishi HC4000

BenQ W1070

ViewSonic Pro 8300

Any other suggestions?

*What screen would be a good match? size? color? gain? I am pretty good at DIY so that is not out of the question if decent quality can truly there in a DIY screen.

*Is this sufficient behind the receiver? What works best for the receiver and for speakers if I go with all wall mounted?


*Suggestions some decent in wall speakers for my the side and rear speakers? Or should I try to avoid that?

*The AVR 2600 allows for a 7.1 system, but I don't know if I should place the rears all the way on the back wall?

*Have you found it a pain your equipment all put in a utility closet, I have that option under the stairs?

*What have you found to be good sound deadening insulation to put in the ceilings and walls under the sheetrock?

I am going to attach some pictures with the hopes that I might get some suggestions on what to do and buy next.

Thanks in advance,

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