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I have the new unused Nuforce upgrade audio board to convert your OPPO 83 SE to the Nuforce edition. According to some experts, the OPPO 83SE has the best video quality of any of the OPPO players so treat yourself to the best audio available for the 83SE.

Nuforce did the following modifications:

-Replacing critical analog components with the high-grade equivalents NuForce uses in its high-end audio components

- Superior high-speed power regulation on both DACs and all analog power rails. Improved power supply regulation also applies to the 7.1 channels

-High-performance parts and related circuits/component values replacing the stereo channels’ monolithic devices.

-Bypass the Stereo and 7.1 channels’ output muting circuits. The SE’s relays are better than the standard BDP-83’s muting transistors. Nevertheless, imposing as little as possible along critical signal paths is clearly preferable.

The upgrade is very simple. You remove the cover and replace the audio board with the supplied Nuforce upgrade card. No software or other changes are required. At one time, Nuforce would either upgrade your Oppo 83SE or send you the upgrade card so you could do it yourself. Nuforce no longer does the conversions or sells the cards.

Please don't pass on this rare opportunity to upgrade your OPPO 83SE. Paypal or cashier check accepted. Buyer pays exact shipping cost. Please send a private message (PM) if interested.

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