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Hi, I have AD 700 and had problems with hissing plugged into my computer and people recommended me nuforce uDAC... but yeah its out of stock at amazon.lol

i was looking through... and I found one with Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier

its $225 little more expensive than uDAC alone ( $99)

its got

- Inputs: RCA, USB (USB 1.1 compliance), 3.5mm Stereo

- Speaker Outputs (RJ45 connectors). NuForce RJ45 to banana plug speaker cables are provided with NuForce Icon.

- Headphone Output: Maximum output @32 ohm Load = 31.25mW, THD (20Hz ~ 20KHz)

- Line Out (for Subwoofer) connection, USB DAC (USB 1.1, 2.0 compatible)

Power Adapter - 12-14V, 25W, 100-240VAC worldwide voltages

so... it looks like it had speaker outputs and a subwoofer connection with uDAC...

I also bought WAF - 1 with gizmo couple days ago and thought maybe I can get this and plug both the headphone and speaker though it...

people who tried this would you tell me if using this product with WAF -1 and gizmo improve sound quality significantly?

and the uDAC that comes with it, is it as good as the uDAC that comes alone? (the one they sell it for $99)

If I can, I want to get the $99 product,, but its out of stock I don't know when they are going to start selling them again... but if getting the $225 one can improve my new speakers as well as doing the same nice job to my AD700 I would buy this...

so.. anybody have tried this nuforce desktop audio amp?
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