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Hi friends. I have searched the forum for this issue but cannot find anything relevant; please feel free to point me to something if you know of it.

I moved to a home last year that is wired for the Nuvo Essentia NV-E6DM, and has 6 zones set up with wall keypads (the old ones, not the LED display).

The seller took the Nuvo amp, so for many months I've had nothing but wires hanging out of the wall in that closet. Now I have picked up a used NV-E6DM on craigslist, and am trying to get it set up in the house with the existing wiring.

The Nuvo unit will power up, and connect to the keypads on the walls in all 6 zones.

HOWEVER, all the wall unit does is flash the "all off" button.

I have tried resetting the Nuvo unit (unplug, hold power button down for over a minute), with no success.

I would welcome and deeply appreciate any advice on troubleshooting I might need to do to get past the blinking "all off " button and get started with putting music through to my various zones.

Thanks -

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