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With the new announcement of the "music port" from Nuvo, for grand concerto...and the reported ability to integrate the GC with HAI and Lifeware via the nuvo-net...I'm trying to decided between this vs. Control 4.


Main applications:

4 zone audio. I desire to access my own NAS and not purchase a music server separately. I would like to control via tablet PC, kitchen PC, laptop, HTPC and PPC or iphone as well as low cost OLED or similar wall pads. (i.e. I'm not going to buy a 1-2k LCD to put in my wall or carry around separate from all the other computers in my house).

We will have a PC in th kitchen running TV, a separate LCD TV in the den with 5.1 surround, and a home theater in the basement with its own 7.1 surround sound also on the zone for PC based music. video locally only for now...

We're not doing lighting/hvac/security or distributed video now but the ability to add it later is important. Thus, doing JUST a sonos, etc. was not considered. Please don't suggest other options (netstreams Buzz, or CQC...) as I've narrowed it to these 2 for multiple reasons.

Here are very basic (and maybe not accurate) cost comparisons:

Nuvo `C4

8zone amplifier 2000-3699/IR remote 1995-2495 (C4-16AMP3-B)

Wall controls included! Mini touch 699 ea (799 wifi) or keypad 299

AM/FM/XM 1000 799

Control/ 1000 (music port) 699 (HC300) with zigbee remote

Separate nuvonet needed? Can control sony 400 disc DVD changer (899)

No PC based control??

Programming free, unless IR (299) 199 (composer)

Light switches HAI or Lifeware 99-129

Universal remote 450-500 (MX850/MRF250) 199 additional
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