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I've got a question for Nuvo owners / installers. I realize it may have been easier to have installer do all this but I wanted to give it a go on my own. I've got the new Grand Concerto plugged in and ready to go. I went into the configurator software and added a few things just to get started and test things. Two quick questions.

1-what kind of serial cable is needed? I had a null-modem cable that I was using for my autopatch. Bought a conversion kit to convert it from female to male and hooked it into the Concerto. The configurator software doesn't recognize it. Is there a way I can test it (terminal something or the other) or do I need a regular serial cable?

2-What "source" should I select (in the configurator) to have the PC act as the server? (I realize that all the keypad will do is allow for volume controls if I do that). For now I just want all the stuff I've got on the HD to play. I'll worry about IR codes, etc. later as I look at other sources.

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