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Nvidia 6600GT & Sony 11HT PJ Issues

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Does any one have this setup

Sony VPL-VW11HT Projector

HTPC with Gainward Twin DVI and Svideo (component)

Nvidia 71.81 drivers have also tried 71.25 & 67.66

7 foot screen


I am having major problems trying to get my desktop to look right!

I have set the desktop resolution to1366*768 native for the PJ with and without powerstrip and am feeding the PJ through svid(component) through my Sony 5000 amp with component leads

The problem is the desktop does not look pixel perfect and is oversize

If anyone has any suggestions apart from dumping the PJ and the Nvidia card I would welcome them, also if anyone has this setup could they post all the settings for the PJ and the Nvidia card including things like TV type on the card dot phase on the PJ etc etc etc Thanks for your help, Nobber
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