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I'm using:

Gigabyte nVidia 8500 GT PCI Express x16 card

Latest drivers (196.21)

Windows XP SP3

DirectX 9.0

DVI -> HDMI adapter

Default video color settings (dynamic range set to 0-255), default video image settings

I'm getting color streaking across my Panasonic 8th gen commercial plasma screen. For example, if there was a black square on a white background, there would be a faint gray streak horizontally across the screen through the black square.

It might not be noticeable to the average person, but I've had it for years and it's starting to annoy me, especially since it's my primary monitor for all video. Standard film sources aren't as noticeable, but for cartoons, it's hard not to notice, since there aren't a lot of colors to "hide" the streaks.

When I was using my Comcast DVR, this would never happen, so I can rule out the plasma itself being the culprit. I guess it could be the HDMI blade in the plasma.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and found it to be the video card, HDMI blade, or monitor.

Thanks in advance!
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