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im having this problem for ages. i have tried all possible drivers/decoder/renderers/etc and none of them works for me.

no synchonisation with display, as a result droping frames.

i use 9500GT videocard. if i set its output to 23Hz or 24Hz and go without reclock result is horrible on 23.97Hz movie, droping/doubling a frame every few seconds. if i use reclock, it happens at movie start every few seconds but then goes away and drops frame every 5minutes or so.

i have tried using CUDA decoder to be sure CPU is not loaded (under 10%) nothing helps. renderer reports frames is droped earlier in the chain.

the best result i can get is if i reclock movie to 25Hz and set video output to 50Hz, but still drops a frame sometimes.

can someone come up with any idea? anything.. feels like i have tried all besides throwing videocard out of window
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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