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This is my system in a 12 X 20 living room.

* Musical Fidelity HT600 5 channel amp w/, Yamamura Quantum power cord.

* B&K AVP3090 pre-amp, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects, Harmonic Technology "Fantasy" power cord. Ariel Osiris isolation stand.

* Sony DVP-9000ES SACD/DVD player (w/ Acoustic Zen Silver Reference(analogue) & MC2 (digital)interconnects, and an Acoustic Zen Tsunami pc) Ariel Osiris isolation stand.

* B&W Nautilus 805 speakers w/ matching stands, HTM-2 center, LM-1 surrounds (w/ H. Tech Pro-9 plus bi-wire cables)

* REL Strata III subwoofer, with custom XLO Neutrik Speakon connector and DH Labs BL-1 for 5.1 out, and H. Tech Pro-11AC pc)

* Denon MD-1000 Minidisc recorder (Harmonic Tech. "Truthlink Silver" analogue and Audio One "Reference" toslink cable )

*Musical Fidelity A3 Tuner , w/ Harmonic Technology Pro-11 AC power cord, Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference interconnects

* Toshiba 42H81 Widescreen HDTV (Harmonic Tech. component cables)

* Monster HTS-3500 power center

* Salamander Synergy Systems rack

* Hubble 8300i outlets

* Cardas RCA caps
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