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Which Usenet reader do you use?

  • NZBget

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  • SABnzbd+

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Both, depending on what I'm downloading.

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  • Neither, I use a different Usenet reader.

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NZBget vs SABnzbd+

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I found a great program called SABnzbd+. It's a Usenet downloaded which can monitor Newzbin bookmarks and RSS feeds to automatically download movies and TV shows as soon as they're available online. It will then repair and extract the archive and drop the files in a location of your choosing based upon the posting's category (movie, tv show, music, etc.)

I'm still debating if I want to use SABnzbd+ or Popcorn Hour's built in Usenet downloader (NZBget). NZBget will also auto repair and extract, but it will not sync your library with Newzbin bookmarks or RSS feeds, nor move files to different locations based on category. However, it's supposedly faster because it is a compiled binary (whereas SABnzbd+ runs in python) and all file manipulation would be done directly on the PCH. That being said the processing power of my home PC is better than the weak CPU in the PCH and we all know how expensive par2 computation can be. Plus I could simply repair and extract on my PC and then transfer the (much larger) movie files over my 802.11n WiFi network to the PCH.

What do you think is faster? Any other thoughts?
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I do not have a PCH, but I have begun to expirement with SABnzbd on my Windows PC, trying to get automated downloads, plus repair/extract, then have the finished movies dropped onto the NAS on my network. I read the SAB wiki and ran a couple test downloads throught the SAB web interface, and the files came in fine when stored locally. But having to copy then over to another location is a minor inconvinience.

I have been contemplating getting a PCH and would really like direct nzb download to an internal HD there if I do. Keep us posted on your progress on using SAB and PCH to do the repair & extract.

Originally Posted by wickchucker /forum/post/15439249

...having to copy then over to another location is a minor inconvinience...

I believe SABnzbd+ can move the file over automatically upon completion. Simply point the categories to the desired network share.
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