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Oblivion Question

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Hi everybody,

I put down Oblivion GOTY edition for a while while I beat Heavenly Sword and Assassin's Creed. Now that I'm back to it I've noticed something, when I ride a horse the game gets VERY choppy. I didn't notice this before, but I'm wondering if that's just because now I've played Assassin's Creed, which had no problems at all. Does anyone know if this is normal? It almost feels like its skipping...and its driving me crazy. Is this port that bad? It seems almost ridiculous. He'll gallop for a few steps and then slow down and get jerky. Thanks a lot for the information guys.

btw this has happened with several different horses...so I'm pretty sure its not that the horse is hurt or something like that.
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Never noticed it.
bump...anyone know what my problem is? I hope my ps3 isn't having problems...I'm still a year in so I could probably get it replaced if there's a problem with it...
did you clear the oblivion cache?

it's probably redownloading the cache file to the HDD,that's why it's kind of slow. once it's downloaded the geame should be pretty smooth playing.
I never deleted the cache, is downloading it automatic?
it automatically downloads by itself when your playing the game..i'm guessing maybe assassins creed some how conflicted with oblivion, maybe they don't agree with each other?
None of this makes sense...the worst part is I can't even figure out if the game is just garbage or if something is wrong with my ps3 because I don't know anyone who has a ps3 to try it out on. I'm about to call Sony and see if I can send it in for repairs.
well if it's fine for your other games, then maybe oblivion is the issue. in that case i would just delet the oblivion cahche and have it download again. maybe that will help.

Don't delet your saves though, there is two different folders in the XMB menu one is for game saves and the other is for the game caches to the HDD, these can be safely deleted.
I'll give that a shot, buddy. Thanks for the advice.
Just wanted to see how you made out, did it help?
I don't own a ps3 yet but i played oblivion on the pc.

Man on the pc, when i was riding a horse, my fps would dip heavily. Oblivion is not optimized very well, i'm pretty sure it is probably the game.

I can't remember but on the pc version, i think i disabled the horse footsteps to help the framerate.
On the ps3, you probably just have to live with the jerky framerate unless they fix it.
yeah it's probably the game then at certain parts it does chug.

the game wasn't optimised that well it seems.
This is coming from the game that made my Shadowmere disappear, never to be found again. It's probably just another stupid, annoying bug.
Hey SurfingMatt27,

Thanks for all the help. I got it fixed...its kind of embarassing but the disc was a bit dirty. I cleaned it up and now there's no problems (Other than a bit of framerate trouble that is inherent to the game). I really appreciate your help.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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