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Obsidian audio 18" subwoofer group buy

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I'm sure most of you have read this in one of the other obsidian threads, but I said I would start a new thread on the subject. I have been speaking with Nick, the co-owner of Obsidian with Jake from Sundown(Nick also owns stereo integrity and for those who don't know they were the bees knees when I was in car audio, magnum was SQ champ) and he mentioned to me that he'd be willing to do a group buy for those who have HT at heart. Right now they're on preorder at $169 plus shipping. If 25 are sold between AVS and HT Shack the price goes to $159. If 50 drivers are sold they go to $149. In the checkout where you ask where you heard about them just enter AVS (HT Shack) for those guys. You pay the $169 price and when the numbers reach 25 he'll refund you $10 after another 25 sold an additional $10.

Now I believe this driver is suited for that that want the most displacement for their money. I'm sure this is no LMS Ultra replacement. I've never hear the LMS, but my obsidian sure is clean enough for me. Plus at the lowest group buy price I'm sure the 6 obsidian drivers you could get for 1 LMS would walk all over it in output. I ran some numbers and this driver is a better displacement value than the Fi IB 18 and the MFW 15s when they were being sold for $79 each. Those are the top two displacement kings that I know of.

I have one in a 6 cu ft sealed enclosure and I does quite well in room. I have a little boost on the low end. These would do well in a IB setup or LLT. Nick is in the process of doing some ported cabs that aren't stupid big and will be doing some measurements.

If there are any questions I'll see if I can get Nick to stick his head in once in awhile.

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Wow, sorry there are three of these, my computer was telling me it wouldnt load the thread. Can someone delete two?

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