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Originally Posted by Airboss /forum/post/14748541

I love movies but am nothing like anyone depicted in "CineMania".

And that's a good thing, Airboss! Yeah, I agree the people in that movie are probably a bit damaged, but I found it to be an interesting documentary. Sometimes I miss college because every night I had several movie venues within easy walking distance, and cheap!

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Tomorrow is the 1st. Is everyone ready to go?

I was thinking that we could post the titles we watch along with a crude rating system and short review. What do you guys think?

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Works for me - and things might go smoother if each poster keeps the viewings in a single post (with the date watched) and just continuously "Edits" that post.

Otherwise...several people...making several posts...about several movies

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Originally Posted by ApolloCreed /forum/post/14769219

Tomorrow is the 1st. Is everyone ready to go?

I was thinking that we could post the titles we watch along with a crude rating system and short review. What do you guys think?

Sounds good. My first movie is going to be " G-String Vampire "

Plot - Sexy Janet Turner is a special agent for The Midnight Syndicate, an ancient organization dedicated to destroying vampires. She's been sent undercover to Miami to locate and eliminate a vampire infiltration in a sizzling South Beach strip club. But it's worse than she thought. Countess Dracula herself has already seduced two of the dancers, biting and sucking them into the world of the undead and she's not done. Outmatched, Turner runs, taking refuge in the home of sultry Helen Wells. Turner and Helen become passionate lovers, exploring each other until Turner's boss, Deputy Chief Jenkins arrives. But something's wrong. Instead of bringing Turner in, Jenkins seduces her in the shower and gives her quite a "love bite" in the process.

Hopefully I won't get too scared and have to cover my eyes!

Ok, Here's my list:

Oct 1st -
1. G-String Vampire - the only horror in this was the acting and the script. Lots of T&A (and V), the costume budget must have been very limited, most of the time all the women were completely nude (full frontal, etc). Nothing like a good ole soft core lesbian vampire flick!

2. Black House (Geomeun jip) - Jun-oh, an insurance claims agent, faces off with a client who he suspects of committing murders with the intention of collecting insurance premiums.

Korean horror/thriller which started off a little slow but actually was very entertaining, especially the last 30 to 40 minutes! Nice twist (although you may see it coming).

3. House on the Edge of the Park Uncut Version (Casa sperduta nel parco, La) - 1980 Itialian horror thriller.

The film was initially rejected for a UK cinema certificate by the BBFC when first submitted in March 1981, and later found itself on the DPP list of "video nasties" when it was revealed that the uncut version was readily available on UK video. When it was eventually passed by the BBFC in July 2002 it was cut by 11 minutes and 43 secs, with almost all of the rape and violence either replaced or removed entirely.

Two lowlife punks invite themselves to a party at a posh villa and after being taunted by their snobbish hosts, hold everybody hostage and subject them to various torture and mayhem.

This one has a nice twist at the end!

4. House on Haunted Hill (1953) - Frederick Loren has invited five strangers to a party of a lifetime. He is offering each of them $10,000 if they can stay the night in a house. But the house is no ordinary house. This house has reputation for murder. Frederick offers them each a gun for protection. They will all arrived in a hearse and will either leave in it $10,000 richer or leave in it dead! Some great trivia on this movie, worth reading!

5. House on Haunted Hill (1999) - A millionaire offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past.

The only good thing about this remake is Ali Larter (Tracy Strauss / Niki Sanders / Jessica Sanders of Heroes).

Geoffrey Rush's character's last name is Price. This is a reference to the original House on Haunted Hill (1959) in which Vincent Price played the main character.

6. Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio) - 1965 campy low budget Italian horror/sci-fi from one the Italian master Mario Bava !

In the far reaches of outer space, two spaceships crash land on a uncharted, fog-enshrouded planet in response to a distress signal. During the course of the landing, both crews undergo a strange transformation. In a semi-hypnotic state, the crew of the Galliott savagely kill each other off. The only thing that prevents the Argos' crew from doing the same thing is Captain Markary (Barry Sullivan)'s resistance to the power that has overtake the others.... Nice twist at the end... Full synopsis here (Warning contains spoilers)

Best movie of the day (1 Oct) "Black House".

Oct. 2nd -
7. Casa dalle finestre che ridono, La (The House of the Laughing Windows) - Stefano, a young restorer is commissioned to save a fresco representing the suffering of St. Sebastiano. The fresco painter was Legnani, and the fresco is his last work. Legnani apparently was mentally disturbed. He was used to paint people close to die or in agony. These facts together with the strange atmosphere that surround this village near Ferrara, in the north of Italy, contribute to put Stefano in a nightmare reality. Soon reality will change into horror.

I imagine that when this was made it was a good horror movie, compared to some of today's movies this is a walk in the park. Boring in parts, creepy in others although it is considered by many to be one of the great Italian horror movies of the 70's. I found it mostly boring although I did like the ending.

That's it for tonight unless I can count the VP debate as a horror movie.

Oct. 3rd

8. " Fear House " - Friends and family pursue an estranged writer to an isolated house only to find that, once they've entered, their own fears will kill them if they leave.

As one other viewer put it "the only thing you have to fear in this house is falling asleep" - Absolutely a waste of time, stay away, stay very far away!

9. " Return to House on Haunted Hill " - 8 Years have passed since Sara Wolfe and Eddie Baker escaped the House on Haunted Hill. Now the kidnapped Ariel, Sara's sister, goes inside the house with a group of treasure hunters to find the statue of Baphomet, worth millions and believed to be the cause of the House's evil.

See remarks above for movie number seven "Fear House", although there is a short nude lesbian scene in RtHoHH.

10. "Valerie a týden divu" (Valerie and Her Week of Wonders) - 1970 Czechoslovakia fantasy/horror/coming of age movie.

Inspired by fairy-tales such as Alice in Wonderland and Little Red-Riding Hood, "Valerie and her Week of Wonders" is a surreal tale in which love, fear, sex, vampires and religion merge into one fantastic world. Full synopsis (Warning contains spoilers).

Interesting but not scary. Due to some of the subject matter "Not for Everyone!"

Oct 4th - (BTW, I'm trying to watch one or more movies a day with "house" in the title)

11. " The Sickhouse " - Terror lurks in the old orphanage, beneath a disused London hospital - a Seventeeth Century malevolence, the Plague Doctor, has returned to complete his evil masterpiece...

This one really sucked, waste of time!

12. " The Wisher " - In a small town, the teenager Mary is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies. However, when the top at the box office "The Wisher" is screened.....

Sucked... but not as bad as "The Sickhouse".

13. " House of 1000 Corpses " - Two teenage couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of serial killers end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers.

A lot of people like this movie, I'm not one of them. Seemed like it would never end!

14. " The House that Dripped Blood " - Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases involving an unoccupied house: 1) A writer encounters a strangler of his own creation, 2) Two men are obsessed with a wax figure of a woman from their past, 3) A little girl displays an interest in witchcraft, and 4) A film actor discovers a cloak which gives him a vampire's powers.

Early 70's horror with Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing , Denholm Elliott , and Ingrid Pitt , I really enjoyed seeing this one again (it's been about 10 years since I saw it last). Best so far.

15. " Sleepy Hollow " - Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman.

This was my first viewing of "Sleepy Hollow" and I enjoyed it very much (probably because I like anything with Christina Ricci in it and Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. This was a visual treat!

16. " Pulse " - When their computer hacker friend accidentally channels a mysterious wireless signal, a group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world.

Still as lame as the first time I saw it but at least this time I was treated to some great LFE with the dual MFW-15's! My whole house was shaking!!

17. " Storm Warning - Uncut Edition " - A yuppie couple lost in a swamp seek refuge at an isolated farmhouse only to discover they've jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

By far the best of the day... actually the best so far!! What a great surprise this little Aussie flix turned out to be. Plenty of strong bloody horror, violence, terror, gore, language, and some sexuality/nudity thrown in to boot.

This one was a complete surprise and had me yelling out loud cheering for the yuppie couple!!

Highly Recommended!! - Be sure to check out "Storm Warning".

Oct 5th

18. " All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos " - During a Day of the Dead celebration, the dead come to life to prey upon the living.


19. " In the Mouth of Madness " - An insurance investigator begins discovering that the impact a horror writer's books have on his fans is more than inspirational.

This is the second time I've seen this movie and I did not like it any better this time than I did the first time. See comments for movie #18.

20. " 28 Days Later " - Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.

This was the third or fourth time I've watched "28 Days Later" (and all of the alternate endings) and I still love it, great movie!!

21. " 30 Days of Night " - After an Alaskan town is plunged into darkness for a month, it is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires.

Another great film and what a fantastic concept for a vampire movie!! I've seen this several times but this was the first time with my new subwoofers and they definitely added to the experience, especially around the 74 minute mark!

22. " Monster House " - Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster.

Ok, if you have not seen this movie make sure you see it this year, it's a great treat, good scary fun! What a kick it was when
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) the house started to walk, the LFE is fantastic. It felt like my house was going to walk off it's foundation also!

Once again this is a movie I've seen several time (first time for viewing in HD Blu Ray though and I stil love to watch it!

Oct 6th

23. " Werewolf in a Women's Prison " - Set in the fictional third world country of Canpuna, 'Werewolf in a Womens Prison' is the story of Sarah (Victoria De Mare), when camping with her boyfriend, is attacked by a werewolf. She wakes up in a corrupt prison only to find out her boyfriend has been torn apart and she is the only suspect. Forced to do things only found in a prison populated only by women it's only a matter of time until that strange bite starts to take effect.

What more can you ask for; women in prison, lots of T&A, bad acting, plenty of blood, guts and gore and a werewolf that has eyes that glow bright red (and there's even a homage to "An American Werewolf in London").

This movie was really bad but I really enjoyed it, check it out if you get a chance!

24. " House of Wax" (2005) - Six friends are on their way to a football game. They decide to camp out for the night and continue driving the next day. The next day the friends find that their having car troubles, so two of the friends accept a strangers ride into a small town named Ambrose. The main attraction in Ambrose is the House of Wax.....

What can I say about a movie where Paris Hilton did not have to audition - she was the director's only choice for her role. The rest of the cast was built around her? Not as bad as I thought it would be, worth a rent if you're bored and have nothing better to do. After all it did win a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress - Paris Hilton.

Oct 7th

25. - " House of Wax" 1953 - A sculptor of wax figures for a museum is horrified when his partner proposes setting fire to the unpopular museum in order to collect the insurance money. As the wax figures melt amid the blaze, the two men have a fight.....

I saw this in 3-D when I was a kid and enjoyed it much more, of course you lose a lot showing a 3-D movie in 2-D. The scene with the emcee in front of the theater doing the paddle balls seems completely wasted and out of place in the 2-D version but was a great effect in the 3-D version.

Worth a rent.

26. - " The Mystery of the Wax Museum" 1933 - In London, sculptor Ivan Igor struggles in vain to prevent his partner Worth from burning his wax museum...and his 'children.' Years later, Igor starts a new museum in New York, but his maimed hands confine him to directing lesser artists.....

This came on the same disc as "House of Wax" and I found it to be much more entertaining than "House of Wax" (could be due to the fact that I had not seen this movie before and I have seen "House of Wax").

These movies made for a great double feature tonight!

Oct 8th

27. "Phii khon pen" (The Victim) - Ting, an actress for murder illustration is hired to simulate a real-life murder case of Min, a former Miss Thailand who was brutally killed. Afterwards, Ting can feel a strange supernatural connection to Min. Soon, she decides to try and solve the mystery of Min's murder...

Starts off with some creepy scenes here and there but about half-way through has a plot twist which threw me off (had to re watch parts of it to figure out what was happening). Over all not too bad if you like Thai horror genre.

Oct 9th

28. " The House of Fear " - Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of deaths at a castle with each foretold by the delivery of orange pips to the victims.

The 'Tagline' is "HORROR stalking its halls!"..... Sorry, no horror! Not a bad Sherlock Holmes movie but there really isn't any "Horror".

29. "Cat People" (1942) - Irena Dubrovna, a beautiful and mysterious Serbian-born fashion artist living in New York City, falls in love with and marries average-Joe American Oliver Reed. Their marriage suffers though, as Irena believes that she suffers from an ancient curse- whenever emotionally aroused, she will turn into a panther and kill.

It's been a very long time since I've seen this movie and compared to movies made today this one would be considered very tame. Even so, there is something to be said for the suspense and drama created with implied violence and horror. Worth viewing just to watch 'Simone Simon' . She is very sexy and beautiful and has an exotic look with a great accent.

30. "The Curse of the Cat People" (1944) - This mostly unrelated sequel to Cat People (1942) has Amy, the young daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed. Amy is a very imaginative child who has trouble differentiating fantasy from reality, and has no friends her own age as a result. She makes an imaginary friend though, her father's dead first wife Irena.

Listed as a "Drama / Fantasy / Horror", two out of three isn't bad. There really isn't any "Horror" in this movie but it is still an interesting movie concerning childhood fantasy; once again you get to see "Simone Simon" (although not a lot of screen time).

31. "The Strangers" - A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants.

The Hollywood ripoff/remake of the great French film "Ils" (Them) does have some tense moments, as long as you can overlook the typical "STUPID" things two people being terrorized do in the movies... I mean really, if you're being terrorized and decide
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) to make a run for it don't you think you'd put on some shoes? Just one of many illogical choices made by these two idiots. How about you have a shotgun and the people terrorizing you have an axe and a knife but you end up letting them take the shotgun from you. Not to mention the "Carrie" type ending!
If you can overlook items like those then it's an entertaining popcorn movie worth a rent.

Oct. 10

32. "Last House on Dead End Street" - After being released from prison, a young gangster with a chip on his shoulder decides to punish society by making snuff films.

LHoDES is one of those cult classic films that you will have to see for yourself to decide if you like it or not. Made on a budget of around $2000.00 it's raw, graphic and has some very disturbing images; at times it's very boring, at other times raw and disturbing. Image quality is non existent,anything from poor to terrible but this adds to the underground feel and the mood.

33. "Dracula cerca sangue di vergine... e morì di sete!!!" (Andy Warhol's Dracula) - Count Dracula [Udo Kier] and his renfield Anton [Arno Juerging] travel to Italy in search of a virgin's blood. They are invited to stay at the di Fiori estate where there are four unmarried girls. Perhaps the Count will choose one of them?

Unlike the controversy over Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) the film suffered very minor cuts for its initial UK cinema release and was never listed as a video nasty. It was passed fully uncut for video in 1995 on the First Independent label.

The best Dracula movie I've ever seen!!

34. "Dance of the Dead" - On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance.

This movie comes out on DVD on 14 Oct, do yourself a favor and buy or rent it, a must see!!

This was such a fun film to watch, lots of humor, great gore and a few scares.. horror/comedy at it's best! What more can you ask for? How about some laugh out loud moments, clapping and cheering for the action on screen.. one of the best I've seen in awhile. IMHO as good or better than "Fido" or "Shawn of the Dead"!

35. "The Midnight Meat Train" - A New York photographer hunts down a serial killer. Based on Clive Barker's short story "Midnight Meat Train"

Well, parts of it were excellent..wicked weapon, some good gore and SFX/CGI
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) The eyeball popping out in slow motion; the teeth pulling; a couple of the meat hammer hits...
and there were some really bad parts
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Don't know if this brother anyone else or not but the "photographer" had his darkroom set up in the kitchen; he was developing pictures with sunlight shinning through under the window shade that wasn't pulled all the way down... geez! Another nitpit was that after slaughtering several people with blood flying everywhere Mahogany walks off the subway without a drop of blood on him or his clothing. And the ending.... I don't know if I liked it or not.

The good: " Brooke Shields' " roll was small and her screen time was limited; " Vinnie Jones " as Mahogany was excellent!

Overall, an OK popcorn flix worth a rent.

Oct 11th

36. "I Walked With a Zombie" - A young Canadian nurse (Betsy) comes to the West Indies to care for Jessica, the wife of a plantation manager (Paul Holland). Jessica seems to be suffering from a kind of mental paralysis as a result of fever. When she falls in love with Paul, Betsy determines to cure Jessica even if she needs to use a voodoo ceremony, to give Paul what she thinks he wants.

A true classic! This is a very different type of Zombie/Horror movie than what's available now. In comparison to Zombie movies of present day this would be classified as very tame, perhaps not even a Zombie/Horror movie.

37. "The Body Snatcher" - A ruthless doctor and his young prize student find themselves continually harassed by their murderous supplier of illegal cadavers.

What more could you ask for, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi together in another classic 40's horror movie (actually the last on-screen teaming of Karloff and Lugosi).

38. "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer" - As a child Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Now a young man he struggles with a pestering girlfriend, therapy sessions that resolve nothing, and night classes that barely hold his interest. After unleashing an ancient curse, Jack's Professor....

STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! A complete waste of my time (I really can't believed I sat through the complete 85 minutes of this POS). This trash has a rating of 6.6 on IMDB which I find absolutely unbelievable. This is without a doubt the worst movie I've seen this year!

39. "To The Devil A Daughter" - An American occult novelist battles to save the soul of a young girl from a group of Satanists, led by an excommunicated priest, who plan on using her as the representative of the Devil on Earth.

STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! Almost a complete waste of my time... out of the 95 minute runtime there were 5 to 10 seconds that kept this film from being a complete waste of time. During those few seconds Nastassja Kinski , who was only sixteen years old at the time, dropped a sheet she was wearing and stood completely nude (full frontal) almost redeeming the previous 93 minutes.

40. "The Haunting (1963)" - Dr. Markway, doing research to prove the existence of ghosts, investigates Hill House, a large, eerie mansion with a lurid history of violent death and insanity.

What a FANTASTIC movie!! I've seen this version of "The Haunting" many times and it still gives me the creeps. No blood, no gore, no SFX or CGI, but it will sends chills up my spine! This is one of the all time best "psychologically scary horror movies"!

41. "Cat People (1982)" - In this erotic remake of the 1942 classic, a young woman's sexual awakening brings horror when she discovers her urges transform her into a monstrous black leopard.

Except for the basis concept and a few scenes this remake is nothing like the original (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Slow at times but entertaining throughout it is worth a rent for sure. Not to mention the fact that the now twenty two year old Nastassja Kinski once again provides a full frontal view of her assets (which BTW still looks the same as in the previous movie I mention that was filmed 6 years earlier). Malcolm McDowell is creepy as Irena Gallier's (Kinski) brother and Annette O'Toole looks scrumptious as Alice Perrin. Annette also has a scene in which she disrobes (as was required in just about all 80's films) and displays her ample assets!

42. "An American Werewolf in London" - Two American tourists in England are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

AAWiL is one of my all time favorite horror films. I'll never forget the first time I saw this movie and the amazing transformation of David Naughton from 'David Kessler' to "the Werewolf". Ground breaking SFX, a great story, fantastic acting and one kick a** sound track make this an all time favorite worth many viewings!! Not to mention the fact that Jenny Agutter as Nurse Alex Price was an extremely sexy and attractive love interest!

43. "Hannibal Rising" - After the death of his parents during World War II, young Hannibal Lecter moves in with his beautiful aunt and begins plotting revenge on the barbarians responsible for his sister's death.

My second viewing of HR and actually I enjoyed it much more this time than the first. I guess I was expecting too much the first time around and was let down; this time I did not really expect too much and actually found myself being drawn into Hannibal's story and his descent into madness. I'm really glad I decided to watch this a second time.

Pretty full day of movie watching; some were a complete waste of time but thankfully there were more that weren't. The few real gems made me forget about the ones that were complete losers!

Oct. 12

44. "Mortuary" - A family moves to a small town in California where they plan on starting a new life while running a long-abandoned funeral home. The locals fear the place, which is suspected to be on haunted ground.

Flipping through the channels I caught this just as it started on the "Chiller" channel and decided to watch it. Starts off OK but quickly goes downhill. I should have given up on this and just thrown in a DVD but I hung with it to the end. Oh well, what's another 2 hours of my life wasted.

45. "The Last House on the Left" (1972) - A pair of teenage girls are headed to a rock concert for one's birthday. While trying to score marijuana in the city, the girls are kidnapped by a gang of psychotic convicts.

Tagline - To avoid fainting, keep repeating "It's only a movie...It's only a movie...

Wes Craven's debut and among the first "Grindhouse" type over the top movies with some of gore, violence and disturbing scenes not seen before on the big screen. If you've never seen this you should check it out. There are a couple of different cuts. an 84 min USA and a USA:82 min (R-rated version), plus the USA:91 min (original cut) and a heavily cut Germany:64 min version.

A new 3 Disc Ultimate Edition (Uncut) DVD will be released this year on the 13th of Oct. in the UK. Pre-order now available from Amazon.co.uk. This version will contain the complete uncut version plus some never before seen footage. Total including shipping from Amazon UK is under $23.00 US.

Title: The Last House on the Left (IMDb)

Starring: Sandra Cassel

Released: 13th October 2008

SRP: £19.99

Further Details:

Metrodome Distribution Ltd. has announced the release of The Last House on the Left for the 13th of October, priced at around £19.99. Details of this three-disc set can be found below, along with the art.

Disc One

Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer

Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Audio

Feature Commentary by Writer/Director Wes Craven and Producer Sean S. Cunningham

Feature Commentary by Stars David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln

'Celluloid Crime Of The Century' making of… documentary (40 mins)

'Scoring Last House…' featurette with David Hess

'Krug Conquers England' Charting the Theatrical Tour of the First Ever Uncut Screening of the Film in the UK

Outtakes and Dailies (20 Mins)

US theatrical trailer

TV Spots

Radio Spots

Disc Two

'Krug & Company': rare COMPLETE ALTERNATE CUT of the film

Exclusive Interview with Carl Daft of Exploited Films, Who Took the BBFC to Courts Over the Film's Banned Status

World Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Footage Only Recently Discovered

Disc Three

'Going to Pieces: The Rise & Fall of the Slasher Film' Documentary

Filmmakers' commentary

Deleted scenes

Horror film quiz

A remake of "The Last House on the Left" has been made by director Dennis Iliadis with a March 2009 release date.

46. " Chaos - The Director's Cut " - Emily and her friend Angelica go to a rave in the woods, and when they arrive, they meet a stranger called Swan that promises some Exstasy for the girls. They follow him to a cabin into the forest where they meet the sadistic gang leaded by the psychotic Chaos. The girls are abused, tortured and raped in a night of nightmare and murder.

David DeFalco's ripoff remake of Wes Craven's "The Last House on the Left" even more brutal and disturbing than TLHoTL.

47. "Hora frÃ*a, La" - The Cold Hour (International: English title) - A group of eight people live isolated in crumbling installations. They cannot abandon the complex and they live in a constant state of vigilance. The food supplies are running out and they urgently need medicines and ammunitions, but in order to find them they must abandon the secure area. What lurks outside the small area they inhabit, however, is so menacing that they dare not even speak of it.

I've been wanting to see this since I first read about it in 2006. In Sept. 2007 it was released in theaters in Spain and on DVD in Oct and Nov of the same year in Germany, Brazil and the UK.

I would agree with Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's comments posted on IMDB: "La Hora FrÃ*a" is a great low-budget movie showing a pessimist view of the fate of mankind after a nuclear war. The atmosphere is melancholic and claustrophobic and the story discloses the characters through the innocent eyes of an eight years old boy. I expected to find an explanation to their biblical names, but the film never clarifies. The story recalls "The Omega Man", "Day of the Dead" and "28 Days Later...", but is original and supported by a great cast that transmits fear, panic and lack of hope to the viewer, and by an excellent cinematography, using gloomy colors.

Oct 13

48. "The Believers" - A New York psychiatrist finds that a voodoo cult, which believes in child sacrifice, has a keen interest in his own son.

Typical 80's Voodoo cult wants psychiatrist to sacrifice his own son.


49. " Sympathy " - When a reckless bank robber and his rebellious teenage hostage hole up for the night in a bad motel, anything can happen. A mysterious stranger and dark twists of fate send this night into a descent of bloody madness in this deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is what it seems. Lock yourself in for this claustrophobic tale that is equal parts classic suspense thriller and grindhouse horror.

The whole movie takes place in one room of a motel with only 3 characters. There's a Ok twist and for the most part this is a very entertaining movie, especially Marina Shtelen as Sara (see steals the show).

Slow at time, and yes there are some plot holes, especially with some of the reasons things pan out as they do but overall I'd say worth a rental.

50. - "Manica Nurses Find Ecstasy (also known as Bloodsucking Freaks II) - Bizzare, often perverse yarn about nurses in a metropolitan hospital who seduce then murder male patients. A complete waste of time!

51. " Joy Ride: Dead Ahead (Joy Ride 2) " - Detours can be deadly.

If you liked the first one you may like this one. I did not care for the first one and this one is even worst, at least IMHO. A waste of time!

52. " Timber Falls " - A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals.

As 'Sham33' says on IMDB "Timber Lakes" is like " Wrong Turn" meets " Misery ".

Not good, not too bad, if you like these types of movies then "Timber Falls" should entertain you. Worth a rent at the most. The saving grace for this movie, for me at least, was the performance of Beth Broderick as Ida, she gives an outstanding performance!

Oct 14th

53. " Quarantine " - Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units....

Since I've all ready seen ' [Rec] ' I knew what to expect in "Quarantine". I mainly wanted to see what Hollywood would do with the remake. There were some scenes changes that I liked and many I did not; perhaps if I had not seen the original first I may have like "Quarantine" more.

Manuela Velasco unquestionably did a much better job as the reporter than Jennifer Carpenter , not to mention she's much easier on the eyes!!

Someone should shoot the PR people for Andale Pictures since they included the ending shot in the trailers! That was just plain stupid!

54. " The Hunger " - Miriam, a centuries-old vampire, preys on urban clubgoers with her vampire lover John. When John suddenly ages and wastes away, Miriam casts her spell upon Sarah, a doctor who researches premature aging. ..

One of my all time favorite Vampire movies (and book); Catherine Deneuve , Susan Sarandon , David Bowie and Bauhaus ... all my favorites in one movie.

The SD DVD has excellent PQ but unfortunately the soundtrack is Mono. Would love to see a remastered Blu Ray with a decent soundtrack!

Oct. 15th

55. " The Wizard of Gore " - Montag the Magnificent (Glover) is a master illusionist who performs at underground venues, selecting female volunteers from his rave-like audiences. To their hysteria, it appears he's dismembered their bodies, but his sleigh of hand has fooled them. However, female bodies show up dead from the same wounds performed on stage. Investigators are baffled, and the chase to find the killer begins.

Jeremy Kasten's remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' 1970 movie of the same name.

I found this to be very entertaining although at times a little confusing. Plenty of gore, nudity and atmosphere not to mention Bijou Phillips , the Suicide girls ( Flux , Cricket and Nixon ) and Crispin Glover as Montag the Magnificent. Worth a rent for sure!

Oct. 16

56. " The Burning " - A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement.

I haven't seen this before and it was as I expected pretty boring typical early 80's slasher flick with the required nudityand some gore. But what I didn't know was I was in for a little surpirse. The character of 'Dave' was played by Jason Alexander , actually his first movie. There was another minor character who looked familar but I could not place her face to a name until the credits rolled... Holly Hunter in her first screen roll. So the movie was not a complete waste, I always find it interesting viewing the early work of well know actors.

57. " Flesh for Frankenstein " - In Serbia, Baron Frankenstein lives with the Baroness and their two children. He dreams of a super-race, returning Serbia to its grand connections to ancient Greece. In his laboratory, assisted by Otto, he builds a desirable female body, but needs a male who will be superbody and superlover. He thinks he has found just the right brain.....

I loved this, you may not.

58. " Deepstar Six " - At the bottom of the ocean, the DeepStar Six has just discovered a new and deadly alien menace.

Released the same year as " The Abyss " and " Leviathan " I guess it didn't really stand a chance. The worst of the three by far but it does have some good performances. For a good triple feature watch this first, then "Leviathan" followed by "The Abyss". That should keep you entertained for the evening.

Oct. 17

59. - " 3 A.M." - Inspired by true events, Michael's friend Kenny reveals that he has a ghost living in his room who stops by every night at 3 A.M...

Simply put - Don' t waste your time!

60. "Brotherhood of Blood" - Claustrophobic thriller about a team of vampire hunters who infiltrate a nest of undead to rescue one of their own.

Once again - Don't waste your time!

61. "The Last House in the Woods" - There are some lines that must never be crossed... beyond them all... is The Last House in the Woods.

No beyond them all is don't watch this movie....... another complete waste of time!

Not a good night of movie watching for me, three complete duds in a row. Although I guess you could say I had a night of horror, three horrible movies was a nightmare!

Oct. 18th

62. " Nympha " - Sarah ( Shepis ) is entering the nunnery in the opening scene, no back story for her or anything. We're given the impression that this is indeed her vocation, to live a life of solitude as a nun. Within the first few minutes there are spooky things going on, but with no explanation.

Waste of time, don't bother.

63. " Deadly Friend " - Paul is a new kid in town with a robot named "BB". He befriends Samantha and the three of them have a lot of good times together...

wizzard pretty much has it covered in his comments...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Basketball!

64. " Land of the Dead " - The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation.

Actually was better than I thought it would be. Worth a rent if you like this genre.

65. " Nosferatu " - Jonathan Harker is sent away to Count Dracula's castle to sell him a house in Virna, where he lives. But Count Dracula is a vampire, an undead ghoule living of men's blood. Inspired by a photograph of Lucy Harker, Jonathan's wife, Dracula moves to Virna, bringing with him death and plague... An unusually contemplative version of Dracula, in which the vampire bears the cross of not being able to get old and die.

Great Dracula move, a must see for fans of this genre. Probably one of the best depictions of Dracula ever; Klaus Kinski's Dracula is truly creepy!

The scene where Nosferatu arrives in the city required thousands of grey rats. Real grey rats were unavailable and therefore white ones were painted grey and used instead.

66. " Final Destination " - After having a vision of his friends crashing in a plane, he tells them not to get on only later his friends start getting killed one by one.

Not bad, I remember the first time I saw this movie and thought it was pretty good, not great but entertaining. Worth a rent.

67. " Final Destination 2 " - When Kimberly has a violent premonition of a highway pileup she blocks the freeway, keeping a few others meant to die, safe...Or are they? The survivors mysteriously start dying and it's up to Kimberly to stop it before she's next.

Basically just like the first one but with some different death scenes.

In order to film the massive pileup sequence, several miles of highway had to be closed down for several days. Real logs were tested for the crash sequence, but they "didn't bounce enough", so in the film the logs are CGI.

68. " Final Destination 3 " - In this third installment of the Final Destination series, a student's premonition of a deadly rollercoaster ride saves her life and a lucky few, but not from death itself which seeks out those who escaped their fate. full...

If you've seen one you've seen them all, just like the previous two with exception for the "Choice Their Fate" feature on the DVD. You get to pick either "Heads" or "Tails" which effects the outcome of each person's death.

It took 20 takes for the hammer to fall on the forklift gearshift correctly in the home improvement store scene.

19 Oct.

68. " Blood Feast " (1963) - An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to bring to life a dormant Egyptian goddess, while an inept police detective try to track him down.

Low budget, bad acting, horrible lighting, completely a mess but just bad enough to be very entertaining. It's a wreck but a wreck worth watching. Rent it for a good laugh or two.

69. " Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat " (2002) - A cannibal caterer kills various young women in preperation for a ritual feast for a long-dormant Egyptian goddess that has him under its control. |

No were near the campy fun of the orginal "Blood Feast" it stll does have it's moments. Lots more T&A, lots of guts and gore but no real scares.

70. " Trailer Park of Terror " - Based on the Imperium Comics series, Trailer Park of Terror. Six troubled high school students and their chaperon, an optimistic youth ministries Pastor, return from an outdoor character building retreat in the mountains. During a raging storm, their bus crashes, hopelessly stranding them in the middle of the Trucker's Triangle, a forgotten locus of consummate evil in the middle of nowhere.

A complete waste of time, stay away, stay very far away!

71. " Dark Floors " -Tagline - Don't get off on the wrong floor

Tagline should read: Don't rent or watch this POS!

You've been warned if you waste your time watching this you can't blame me.

72. " No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker " - A sheriff and his son chase casino robbers, only to find the all of them are being chased by something else.

This started out to be another crappy movie but about 45 min. in it got my attention. Nothing great but a couple of interesting situations and plot twists. If you saw the orginal " Reeker " then you may want to check this out. Not great but not a complete waste of time either.

73. " MOH Sounds Like " - Deeply affected by a personal tragedy, an office drone realizes his sense of hearing has taken on extraordinary capabilities that could drive him mad with insanity.

Not bad, wait for it to come on TV.

74. " MOH: The Washingtonians " - A man finds a letter behind a painting of George Washington that is supposedly written by George Washington. The painting was at the estate of his late Grandmother. The letter discusses eating children and using their bones to make tools for eating, and is later judged authentic by an expert.

This was interesting and had a couple of creepy parts, worth a rent.

75. " MOH: Dream Cruise " - Absolutely terrified of the sea, an American lawyer reluctantly goes on an ocean cruise to be near the wife of a client, with no idea of the grim situation that awaits them all.

So-so, there's one creepy part and you can see the end coming so no surprise there. Wait for it to be on TV.

Oct. 20th

76. " Boy Eats Girl " - A boy declares his love for his girlfriend, only to die the same night. He is brought back to life by his mother as a flesh-craving zombie, who sires more teen undead while trying to control his, er, appetite for his beloved.

Ok movie, lots of blood and gore but not much humor. No where near as funny as "Dance of the Dead". I found this to be too repetitive in the action, same thing over and over again an not many catchy lines.

Oct. 21st

77. " MOH: Valerie on the Stairs " - Taken from a Clive Barker original screen story, tells the tale of a novelist who discovers there are fates worse than literary anonymity in this sexually-charged tale of terror.

Clare Grant is very hot as Valerie!!!

78. " Repulsion " - Left alone when her sister goes on vacation, a sexually repressed young beauty goes insane with surreal fantasies of seduction and rape.

This is a masterpiece! I remember the very first time I saw this movie and it is still as intense. Catherine Deneuve's performance combined with Roman Polanski's masterful direction and claustrophobic lighting create a very disturbing portrait of a young woman going insane. A must see!

This film, along with Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Locataire, Le (1976), forms a loose trilogy by Roman Polanski about the horrors of apartment/city dwelling.

79. " Dawn of the Dead " (2004) - A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.

This is a good entertaining remake of "Dawn of the Dead"!

Oct. 22nd

80. " Tale of a Vampire " - Alex [ Julian Sands ] is a vampire but he drinks only the blood of animals. Anne Baker [ Suzanna Hamilton ] has just suffered the death of her boyfriend. Anne and Alex have never crossed each other paths until a mysterious man in a hat gets Anne a job at the Library where Alex comes each evening to read aged documents in search of information about a 19th century woman named Virginia Clemm. There is a resemblence between Anne and Virginia which Alex cannot help noticing, and the two become friends.

Ok Vampire flix with a different take, worth a rent.

81. " Underworld: Evolution " - As the adventure continues, the saga of war between vampires and werewolves. Selene, the vampire "death dealer" who's now fighting to stop the release of the original "Lycan" werewolf, William from the prison that's held him for centuries.

I liked " Underworld " and I liked "Underworld: Evolution" even more, great movie. Could have something to do with the fact that I find Kate Beckinsale extremely HOT in both of these movies!

If you like the first one you enjoy this one.

82. " Evil Breed The Legend of Samhain " - Two American tourists on a romantic camping trip are brutally murdered. A few days later, during the ancient festival of Samhain...

You would think a horror movie with so many porn stars in it would at least be somewhat entertaining.....

This is so bad that the director wrote an apology which you can read here .

82. " The Brood " - A husband tries to uncover a shady psychiatrist's therapy techniques on his institutionalized wife, while a series of brutal attacks committed by a brood of mutant children coincides with the husband's investigation.

A must see classic, just be sure you watch the uncut version which includes the "mallet" scenes and the "licking" scene. Highly Recommended!

David Cronenberg wrote the film following the tumultuous divorce and child-custody battle he waged against Carolyn Zeifman . Cronenberg also said that Samantha Eggar's character, Nola Carveth, possessed some of the characteristics of his ex-wife.

There's a planned 2009 remake in the works.

83. " Evil Aliens " - The sensationalist reporter Michelle Fox presents the TV show Weird World, with phony matters about UFOS and aliens. When she hears about Cat, a young woman that claims that have been abducted with her boyfriend and become pregnant by aliens, she convinces her chief to travel with a team to the remote Welsh island of Scalled to interview Cat.

From IMDB, Author: poikkeus from San Francisco posts: Horror and science film junkies will have their hands full trying to keep track of all the clever film references, which include ALIENS, EVIL DEAD, THE WATCHMAN, PREDATOR, PHANTASM, JAWS, and uncountable other flicks you've wasted your youth watching. Not unlike REANIMATOR, EVIL ALIENS' great strength is its willingness to take all its ideas to their absolute extreme. And of course, it's a monstrously fun audience movie -- which won a standing ovation at its sold-out San Francisco premiere.

EVIL ALIENS is bloody good fun.

I would have to agree with poikkeus. I didn't expect much when I started watching this but as it progressed along I started picking up the references along with some great scenes and it just drew me in. As poikkeus says: Evil Aliens is bloody good fun!

84: " Evil Dead II" - The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holds up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.

All I can say is if you haven't seen " The Evil Dead " or "Evil Dead II" go to the rental store right now and get both of them (or better yet buy both of them)!

Oct 23rd

85. " Die You Zombie Bastards!" - The World's First EVER Serial Killer Superhero Rock'n'Roll Zombie Road Movie Romance.

I can't believe I watched this. Skip it!

Oct. 24th

86. " The Beast of Bray Road " - Based on actual accounts of werewolf sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin, the film follows a local sheriff who is finally forced to accept that a string of horrifying deaths is linked to a predator which possesses DNA of both man and wolf.

This movie sucked! I can not believe I watched the whole thing.

87. " Buio Omega" - Buried Alive (USA - dubbed version) - A young rich orphan loses his fiancée to voodoo doll mischief on the part of his housekeeper who is jealous of his attentions. He digs his girlfriend up, cleans her out, stuffs her, and puts her in bed at the mansion. Following this, he tries out and disposes of a series of young maidens, trying to find the right replacement for her....

Arm Cut Off, Grindhouse, Merciless, Dead Woman Being Stripped, Vomiting, Dead Woman Carried, Blood & Gore, Breast Suckling, Dead Woman On Floor, Stabbing, Female Frontal Nudity, Cruelty, Kill, Female Nudity, Perversion, Decapitation, Splatter, Severed Head, Psycho Killer, Head Chopped Off, Kissing, Naked Dead Woman, Stab, Sadism, Smiling, Blood Lust, Obsession, Severed Arm, Dismembered Body, Brunette, Killing, Naked Woman, Blood Bath, Dead Girl, Mercilessness, Graphic Violence, Nipples, Infamous, Multiple Stabbing, Psychotic, Cutting, Lovee Interest, Degradation, Sexual Obsession, Blood, Death, Gore, Murder, Necrophilia, Disturbing, Acid, Bitten In The Throat, Disembowelment, Dismemberment and Eye Gouging.

If any of the above interest you then you should check out "Buio Omega". Did I mention necrophilia and disembowelment?

88. " Christine " - A nerdish boy buys a strange car with a evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.

One of my favorite movies, not so much because it's a great movie but more so because I'm a hugh Stephen King fan.

Showing this month on AMC Sun. Oct. 26 1:15 PM, Thur. Oct. 30 12:00 AM, and Thur. Oct. 30 1:45 PM.

Watch the scene in the library closely, the book that Dennis pulls off the shelf before asking Leigh out is "Christine" by Stephen King.

Scott Baio was considered to play Arnie Cunningham and Brooke Shields was considered for Leigh Cabot. But the film makers involved all felt the movie would be better served by casting "unknowns". Good movie on their part!!

89. " Bubba Ho-tep" " - Elvis and JFK, both alive and in nursing homes, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

From director/writer Don Coscarelli (who gave us the great cult classics " Phantasm ", "Phantasm II". " Phantasm III ", " Phantasm IV: Oblivion " and in 2009 will be giving us " Phantasm V ") comes another great cult classic. If you have not seen "Bubba Ho-tep" then put it in your NF or BB queue immediately, you won't be disappointed!

All is well.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Due to all the cameras, lights, and equipment virtually trapping him in his bed, at one point Bruce Campbell was forced to actually answer nature's call by using the same bedpan his character used to capture the giant scarab beetle.

BTW, " Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires " is due for release in 2009.

90. " Brain Dead (2007)" - The story of six people caught in the unusual (except in horror films) predicament of being stranded in a deserted fishing lodge with a host of alien-infected, mutant amoeba-controlled zombies at their doorstep.

Note: This is not the a remake of the 1990 or the 1992 Brain Dead.

"BRAIN DEAD" (2007) is an independent, extreme, gory, cult, zombie, horror-comedy from Kevin Tenney , the director of " Witchboard " and " Night of the Demons ", featuring state-of-the-art effects, gratuitous nudity, and laugh-out-loud humor.

The gore scene at the beginning is one of the best I've ever seen!!


My last two movies today were real winners!!

Oct. 25th

Just finished a long day of movie watching and wanted to go ahead and get them listed.

91. " The Curse of Frankenstein " - Baron Victor Frankenstein, in prison for murder and trying to evade the guillotine, tells a priest how he and his mentor, Paul Krempe, had performed many scientific experiments, eventually leading to the resurrection of a dead body.

Posted on IMDB by José Luis Rivera Mendoza (jluis1984):

The Curse of Frankenstein" is the film that introduced two of the most important actors in the horror genre since the days of Universal's movies: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee . As Baron Frankenstein, Cushing delivers an outstanding performance that can be considered among the best in the history of the genre. Making a fascinating character out of the unsympathetic Baron is not easy, but Cushing succeeds remarkably and completely makes the movie his own. Lee has a considerably smaller role as the Creature, but while "Dracula" would be the movie where he would shine the most, here he delivers a powerful performance as the Monster. As Frankenstein's mentor, Paul Krempe, Robert Urquhart is pretty effective and makes a great counterpart to Cushing's Baron. Hazel Court is less successful as Elizabeth, although it's not really a bad performance at all.

The birth of Hammer horror! This was the first Frankenstein movie to be filmed in color.

I really enjoyed this take on Frankenstein, great movie!

92. " Son of Frankenstein " (1939) - Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals. While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked blacksmith - Ygor, who asks him to revive his father's creation - the MONSTER who is lying in a coma....

Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi , what a great combination!!

"Son of Frankenstein" is the third installment of Universal's long running Frankenstein series. It is also the longest running at 92 minutes and was given the biggest budget of all the Frankenstein films. Apparently Universal wanted this film to be their showpiece for 1939 and actually planned to film it in color. Unfortunately, the monster's makeup photographed a pale green and they went back to the old reliable black and white. With all the hoopla and first rate cast, this film comes up short of the first two in the series.

What I enjoyed the most about this movie where the sets and lighting which were reminiscent of German Expressionism films. Lugosi is outstanding in this, worth a rent just to watch his performance.

93. " Phantasm " - A young boy and his friends face off against a mysterious grave robber known only as the Tall Man, who keeps a mysterious arsenal of terrible weapons with him.

Ok, if you haven't seen this you must have lead a very cloistered life. One of the all time cult classics, you never really know what is going on. Very imaginative, strange and completely entertaining throughout! A must see!

Watching " Bubba Ho-tep " yesterday inspired me to watch the complete "Phantasm" series today.

The title was changed to "The Never Dead" for Australian audiences as not to confuse it with the popular Aussie sex comedy Fantasm (1976).

94. " Phantasm II " - Mike, now released from a psychiatric hospital, continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work.

A pretty good sequel, enjoyed it as much as the first.

Brad Pitt auditioned for the role of Mike but did not get the role.

95. " Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead " - The Tall Man, that imposing menace from Morningside Mortuary, is back and once again haunting the thoughts of the now-adult Mike and his friend, ex-Ice Cream vendor Reggie. The two continue their hunt for the mysterious figure and in his path of destruction encounter a variety of dangerous situations, friends and enemies.

Not as good as the first two movies but still interesting, especially with the DTS soundtrack!

This marked the first usage in the series of any digital effects. Though quite limited, these tools enabled the director to compress actor Bill Thornbury into a sphere and also to create an "event horizon" for the plane of the space gate.

96. " Phantasm IV: Oblivion" - Taking off immediately where the last one ended, in this episode Mike travels across dimensions and time fleeing from the Tall Man, at the same time he tries to find the origins of his enemy, and what really happened the night that his brother died.

Part IV also has a DTS soundtrack and starts tying up some lose ends but at the same time opens some more; as "The Tall Man" says "It's Never Over!"

97. "Phantasm IV: Oblivion, Extras" - Well I wasn't going to count this one but the extras disc was over two hours long and contained some very good info and footage covering the entire series, well worth the watch!

" Phantasm V " is coming in 2009! ...."It's Never Over!"

Oct. 26

98. " Night of the Demons " - On the night of Halloween, 10 teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor. "Hull House", rumored to be built on an evil patch of land & underground stream, is the place. While starting the party, the teens gather around a big mirror to perform a seance...BIG MISTAKE.

This one was a lot of fun to watch. I remember when it came out it was a hugh success! Creepy and funny with lots of 80's required T&A. A must see for all horror fans.

Produced for a very modest $1.2 million, the film racked up outrageously large grosses in its limited release. Debuting in Detroit, it hit New York City at Thanksgiving and earned $3.109m, holding screens until the end of the year.

99. " Night of the Demons II: Angela's Revenge " - Angela, the universe's most unpleasant party crasher, returns! Angela's sister, Mouse, is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela's favorite haunt, and before long, everybody's being turned into demons and only a butt-kickin' nun, who wields her ruler like a mighty sword of steel, can save the day.

Almost as good as the first but not quite, of course the required T&A is included.

Terri: "Sister, is it a sin to kiss a boy? I mean if you really really like him."

Sister Gloria: "A kiss is a sin when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion."

100. " Night of the Demons III - Demon House " - On Halloween night, after their car breaks down, a pair of teenage girls hitch a ride with a group of misfits from their high school. However, on the way an accident leads them to believe they shot a police officer, so they decide to stop at an abandoned mortuary to hide think out a solution, and engage in hedonistic activities. Problem is, the place IS inhabited... by Angela, the demon of the previous installments.

Ok, you can only remake the same thing so many times, this one is a real let down, except of course for the required T&A.

With the exception of the credits, Angela's name is never spoken in the movie.

Most of the scenes involving Angela floating through the Hallways, and some inside shots of Hull House, were taken from the original Night of the Demons (1988) movie.

101. " Bad Ronald " - A shy teenager accidentally kills a mocking peer, and his mother helps him hide in a spare room in their house. Problems arise when the mother goes for an operation and dies, and the house is sold to a new family, with the teen still living inside.

A very memorable 1974 horror/thriller "made for TV" movie that is still entertaining!

Available to download from:

"Bad Ronald" reminds me of a 2004 movie from Spain titled "Habitante incierto, El" (USA title - The Uninvited Guest) - What if ... you let a stranger into your house to use your phone, but while you've been patiently waiting in the kitchen, he just disappears ...

Great movie, check it out if you get a chance.

Oct. 27th

102. " Carnival of Souls " - Mary Henry is enjoying the day by riding around in a car with two friends. When challenged to a drag, the women accept, but are forced off of a bridge. It appears that all are drowned, until Mary, quite some time later, amazingly emerges from the river. After recovering, Mary accepts a job in a new town as a church organist, only to be dogged by a mysterious phantom figure that seems to reside in an old run-down pavilion. It is here that Mary must confront the personal demons of her spiritual insouciance.

Classic horror at it's best!!

The original cut of the film ran 84 minutes but was cut down to 75 minutes by drive-in owners in order to accommodate more showings.

Oct. 28th.

103. " Dead Space: Downfall " - In the distant future, due to interstellar space travel advancements, humanity has started setting up massive mining operations on other planets. Alien life has not been discovered yet, but a certain mining site uncovers a ancient and mysterious artifact which seems to be related to a religious current that places a similar object at its base. The massive artifact is being prepared to be transported to Earth on a transport ship but upon its arrival strange events take place involving the personnel of the mining facility. Paranoia, delusions and a unexplained wave of violent incidents among the miners. The source of these increasingly strange events starts pointing more and more towards the alien object, and the senior security officer on the ship is the only one that seems to foresee the danger.

This is a Horror, Sci-Fi, Animation which isn't too bad. If you like animation then you will find this interesting. The one thing it did for me was make me want to play the video game "Dead Space" (so I ordered it for my PS3 after watching the movie.)

Oct 29th.

104. " Standard Operating Procedure " - Errol Morris examines the incidents of abuse and torture of suspected terrorists at the hands of U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison.

Modern day horror...disgusting!

Oct. 30th.

105. "E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldilÃ*" ('The Beyond' - The Original, Unrated, Uncensored, Director's Cut) - This is the new release which has tons of extras:


"THE BEYOND does not disappoint."

Product Description

The seven dreaded gateways to hell are concealed in seven cursed places...

And on the day the gates of hell are opened, the dead will walk the earth!

From legendary Italian horror master Lucio Fulci come the ultimate classic of supernatural terror. A remote and cursed hotel, built over one of the seven gateways, becomes a yawning malevolent abyss that begins devouring both the bodies and the souls of all who enter in a graphic frenzy of gory crucifictions, chunkblowing chain-whippings, eyeball impalements, sulphuric acid meltdowns, flesh-eating tarantulas, throat-shredding demon dogs and ravenous bloodthirsty zombies. THE BEYOND is a towering schievement in hair-raising, mind-bending cinematic terror!

WARNING Due to its SHOCKING and VIOLENT subject matter, no one under 17 should view this film.


- Original UNRATED, UNCENSORED director's cut

- Spectacular hi-definition digital anamorphic widescreen transfer

- Breathtaking 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound re-mix by Academy Award nominee Paul Ottosson

- New 2008 intro by Catriona MacColl

- Rare on-set interview with director Lucio Fulci

- Provocative commentary by stars Catriona MacColl and the late genre superstar David Warbeck

- Interviews with all the major stars and key crew members

- Optional Italian language soundtrack and original mono mix

- Lost German pre-credit sequence in FULL COLOR

- Necrophagia music video directed by Jim VanBebber (THE MANSON FAMILY)

- Original theatrical trailers

- Extensive gallery of stills and poster art

- Liner notes by legendary horror journalist Chas. Balun

- Plus other surprises!

This film was never seen in America in its uncut form until 1998, when Quentin Tarantino's Rolling Thunder Pictures, in association with Grindhouse Releasing, tracked down the original master and restored the film, playing it at midnight shows at selected cities. Bob Murawski of Grindhouse Releasing is a film editor, and used a shot from this film in the spider-bite dream sequence in Spider-Man (2002).

During the final scene in the Beyond's abyss, the sand-covered bodies lying on the ground were actually stark naked street derelicts, who were "paid" in alcohol.

106. " Right to Kill?" (1985) (TV) - Based on true story of teens Richard and Deborah Jahnke charged in Wyoming for the killing of their abusive father.

This may not be the typical "Horror" movie but it is about the horror of child abuse and it's consequences.... so I'm counting it.

Members of the Jahnke family protested the title of this TV movie before it aired.

Oct 31st - 11:53 PM EDT

Just wrapped up my last movie for the October 08 Horrorfest, here are my last seven for a total of 113.

107. " White Zombie " (Restored Version) - A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiance, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.

Bela Lugosi again with another great performance. Must see for Lugosi fans!

Rob Zombie named his first heavy metal band, White Zombie , after this movie.

108. " Shadow of the Vampire" - Max Schreck's performance in the classic film Nosferatu has become legendary. What if the reason he was so good is that he really was a vampire? That's the premise of this film, which features director F.W. Murnau so enamored with creating the perfect vampire film that he seeks out an actual member of the undead to play the title role. But when Schreck starts taking more and more advantage of the opportunities to feed he suddenly has, can Murnau come to his senses and destroy him?

If you've seen the German all time classic silent horror-movie from 1922 called Nosferatu-Eine Symphonie des Grauens (Nosferatu-a Symphony of Horror) then you must watch this film. This was such a fun movie, Highly Recommended!

Based in part upon a legend that Max Schreck was in reality a vampire which is why he played the role of Orlock/Dracula so well. Some variations of the legend suggest that Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922) was the only film Schreck made, though in reality he was already a stage and screen veteran by the time Nosferatu was shot, and would appear in many non-Vampiric roles before his death in 1936.

Willem Dafoe was hired as The Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002) after the producers watched his performance in this film.

109. " Suspiria " - A newcomer to a fancy ballet academy gradually comes to realize that the staff of the school are actually a coven of witches bent on chaos and destruction.

The coolest scene for me was the chick that was hung by falling through the stain glass window.

Director trademark: [Dario Argento] Murder victim crashes through window.

110. "Pieces" (Mil gritos tiene la noche - 1982) - While playing with a puzzle, a teenager is repressed by his mother, and he kills her and severs her body with an ax. Forty years later, in an university campus in Boston, a serial killer kills young women and severs their bodies in parts, stealing body pieces from each student. Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) makes a deal with the dean of the campus, and infiltrates the agent Mary Riggs (Lynda Day George) as if she were a tennis teacher and together with the student Kendall (Ian Sera), they try to find the identity of the killer.

This is the 2 Disc Grindhouse Releasing 2008 hi-definition anamorphic digital restoration of the original uncensored version. This has a 5.1 soundtrack with it but the best way to view this is with the orginal Spanish soundtrack and English subs. You don't have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre!

111. " Triology of Terror " (1975 TV movie) - Three stories interwoven together in this Dan Curtis production starring Karen Black in each segment. The first, about a high school student infatuated with his teacher. The second, a paranoid tale of two sisters - one good, the other evil, and the third about an African tribal doll that comes to life and terrorizes a woman in her apartment.

I haven't seen this in quite some time and I did not remember this first two parts of this film. I did however remember the thrid part, I mean if you've seen this how could you ever get the image of
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Karen Black, with sharp pointed teeth, squatting down and sticking the knife in floor over and over again.

112. " Fiend Without a Face " - A Scientist, experimenting with telekinetic powers enhanced by a nearby nuclear power plant succeeds in creating a new form of life...

Well I really enjoyed this film. I love the 50's and 60's horror movies, how can you not...their so chessy!

"Fiend Without a Face" created a public uproar after its premiere at the Ritz Theater in Leicester Square. The British Board of Film Censors has already demanded a number of cuts before granting it the "X" certificate.

113. " The Devil's Chair " - With a pocketful of drugs, Nick West takes out his girlfriend Sammy, for a shag and a good time. When they explore an abandoned asylum, the discovery of a bizarre device - a cross between an electric chair and sadistic fetish machine - transforms drugged-out bliss into agony and despair. After Sammy is brutally assaulted and murdered by unseen forces, Nick becomes the number-one suspect. So begins British horror director Adam Mason's gore-fest The Devil's Chair, a dark and terrifying journey to the meeting place between insanity and the supernatural.

This was Ok, but I have to admit I enjoyed "Fiend Without a Face" much more than I did this. "The Devil's Chair" was just so-so for me, I can't even recommend renting it. Best part of the movie for me was Nick West quoting Johnny Rotten "Do you ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

I must admit I'm glad the month of Ocotober is over so that I can get back to my normal movie viewing which includes more than just horror movies!!

I guess my favorites were "Dance of the Dead", "Storm Warning" and "Brain Dead". I'll think about it overnight and see how I feel in the morning.

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Originally Posted by LugNutX /forum/post/14769633

Works for me - and things might go smoother if each poster keeps the viewings in a single post (with the date watched) and just continuously "Edits" that post.

Otherwise...several people...making several posts...about several movies


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Originally Posted by Airboss /forum/post/14769827

Sounds good. My first movie is going to be " G-String Vampires "

Plot - Sexy Janet Turner is a special agent for The Midnight Syndicate, an ancient organization dedicated to destroying vampires. She's been sent undercover to Miami to locate and eliminate a vampire infiltration in a sizzling South Beach strip club. But it's worse than she thought. Countess Dracula herself has already seduced two of the dancers, biting and sucking them into the world of the undead and she's not done. Outmatched, Turner runs, taking refuge in the home of sultry Helen Wells. Turner and Helen become passionate lovers, exploring each other until Turner's boss, Deputy Chief Jenkins arrives. But something's wrong. Instead of bringing Turner in, Jenkins seduces her in the shower and gives her quite a "love bite" in the process.

Hopefully I won't get too scared and have to cover my eyes!

Way to take one for the team...

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***Ok this will be my post where I update my list.***

I'm starting off with a classic.

1: The Exorcist

2: The Evil Dead

3: American Psycho

4: Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns

5: Bloodsucking Freaks

6: 30 Days of Night

7. Aswang

8. The Thing

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Wizzack's 31 movie post:

1. Prom Night - Figured I'd start with something that I haven't seen yet. I'm against all the horror remakes in the last few years, but I can't imagine the new one being worse than this. The Jamie Lee Curtis disco dance scene at the prom had me laughing so hard I almost spit my beer out. Kinda felt like a cheesy Argento movie (if that makes sense
). C-

2. An American Werewolf In London - Great horror with a perfect mix of comedy. David is an everyday guy caught up in huge mess and Naughton nailed the part. The last sequence is incredible and done perfectly! Great flick.A-

3. Deep Red - Meh.....I could take or leave this movie. I thought Tenebre was cooler. Some nice kill scenes but overall not much intensity. I wasn't down with the animal cruelty either, but it doesn't affect my rating. C

4. Near Dark - A fresh take on the vampire genre. A semi love story I guess? Vampires are always looking for companionship but things always seem to get botched up. Bill Paxton in his best role since Weird Science!

5. Candyman - Decent horror with some creepy elemts and "jumps" but could be better. Virginia Madsen was great and Tony Todd is creepy as hell. I like how they hit on the race angle a little bit. Can't wait for more Clive Barker. C+

6. The Beast of Yucca Flats - I needed something short so I dipped into one of those "50 movie horror packs". The only good thing about this movie was the running time of 54 minutes. OUCH! Funny seeing the big guy from the Ed Wood movies. D

7. Re-Animator - First time viewing. I remember when this came out my parents wouldn't let us watch it. This wasn't fair since we were allowed to watch pretty much everything back then (Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc). We kicked and screamed about it then, but I can see why now. What in the hell did I just see!? Fun stuff! B

8. Nightbreed - It may one day take the place as my favorite Clive Barker movie. Haven't seen this since I retired my old VHS copy and boy was it a treat. PQ and AQ are great. Although all the music from Danny Elfman from the 90's sounds the same to me (it all sounds good), i think Nightbreed might be the best. It almost sounds like all those scores combined. Love it! The monsters, the story, Cronenberg, Midian, where do I stop? Very good movie if you like dark fairy tales. Not perfect but very enjoyable.B+

9. Midnight Meat Train - Blood, eyeballs, meat & a train. Based on a Clive Barker short story so you know what to expect. Love the mallet. C

10. Night of the Creeps - Aliens, zombies, nerds & babes. Must be a Fred Dekker movie. Tom Atkins is so tough he'd probably beat Chuck Norris in a fight. Yeeehaaa! B+

11. Attack of the Giant Leeches - Watched this after many drinks @ 4am. Another short crapper from the 50 movie pack. D

12. Ravenous - Oh my this was a treat! 1st time viewing and I feel guilty waiting so long to watch it. It has everything a horror fan loves. Has Guy Pierce ever been in a bad movie? Didn't think so. I will be eating salads this week for lunch. The music was great too and really added to the freakishness of the movie. Enjoyed this VERY much. B+++++

13. From Beyond - This may be the 2nd most disgusting movie I've seen next to Dead Alive (Braindead). I screamed *in a manly way* and squirmed at 3 scenes at least. This movie was more fun than Re-Animator for me. Ken Foree was hilarious! B

14. Fiend Without A Face - My interest in this movie came from being a Misfits fan. The formula for this flick has been copied a zillion times. Starts of slow but the third act really shines. I had no idea what to expect, and if you haven't seen it and are watching the Criterion version don't look at the menu too long - a spoiler will be shown! Nice old school fun. B-

15. Phantasm - Phantasm is well rounded horror movie. It's freaky, got a cool relationship between the brothers, scary villians, and plenty of hijinks to last the 88 minutes. The DTS track sounded very good to my surprise. A classic! B+

16. Deadly Friend - I forgot Wes Craven did this one. An 80's twist on the Bride of Frankenstein. We loved this movie back in our younger days. But back then we must have been seeing an edited version (?) because I do not remember what was one of the greatest kill scenes to ever grace celluloid:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) Spoiler  
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) BASKETBALL!!!

Very enjoyable. Kristy Swanson where did you go? B

17. Scarecrows - The scarecrows themselves were creepy, but I could barely see them. And it needed more killin! Couldn't really tell what was happening some of the time. D

18. Parents - Haven't seen this one in years. Found this and other whole horror movies on www.hulu.com . Totally legal! What's for dinner? LEFTOVERS! Parents is an underrated horror movie. The setting and mood is awesome. Randy Quaid gives and incredibly sick performance. The camera work is top notch too. If you haven't seen it and love the "cannibal dark comedy" genre - check it out! B+

19. Pirana - Woweeeee! Another fun one. JAWS rip-off with more blood, bigger body count, and an occasional dash of comedy. Kept me entertained the whole time. B

20. Burial Ground - Is there anything better than Italian zombie movies? NOPE! This one has it all, and then some. Gore, bad dialog/acting/nudity, and a weird looking 30 year old guy playing a 12 year old kid. Did I say incest? YIKES! Bad movie but a rip roaring good time if you need some laughs. Much better with a group of people and some drinks.

Movie: D

Fun Factor: B

21. Scanners - This has been the best October ever! Cronenberg delivers with an intense thriller that had my blood pressure rising. Interesting story with some twists and an ending that had me on the edge of my seat. Whew! B+

22. Premature Burial - Based on a Poe story. Kinda creepy with a nice twist. Funny how it was always so foggy! C

23. The Incredible Melting Man - Laughable dialogue and delicously sloppy gore! An old time favorite that never gets old. He needs human cells to live!! This needs a proper dvd release. Rick Baker FX.

24. I Drink Your Blood - I saw this @ a grindhouse type screening years ago but thought it went by another name (?). Satanic Hippies are fed some rabies and all hell breaks lose. Lots of foam from mouths and animal cruelty. Total cheese but worth a watch if you like low budget trash. C

25. Slugs - Another nice surprise. Slugs got better as it went on. Typical "80's animal run amok horror" with some really gross scenes. Bad acting, bad writing, and music that really didn't fit. Slimy gore at its finest! Good time! B

26. The Fly (1986) - Jeff Goldblum was robbed of an Oscar nod. The Fly on Blu-ray is amazing. The PQ looks great and the DTS-MA sound is top notch. When the pods are activated it sounds like you're inside! Monkey-cat scene was funny, glad they cut it. Great performances, great direction, intriguing story. CRONENBERG!!!! A

27. Chopping Mall - Sex/party crazed teens get stuck in the mall with the security robots and all hell breaks loose. Pretty cheesy with a few goofy moments. Think Robocop>Dawn of the Dead>Short Circuit. C

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Originally Posted by wizzack /forum/post/14739917

I have never seen the travesty which is referred to as "Troll 2" in its entirety yet, so that will be my second movie. Just arrived today via netflix. Woohoo!

You mean the "no actual Trolls were involved with this production" movie? I'm so very sorry for you. Really.

If you really want something terrible to watch, try the Feeders/Feeders 2 set. It comes convienently on a single DVD for your viewing misery. There's even a more poorly done "making of" featurette included. I think these movies were soley responsible for the downfall of the Video Toaster...

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Bob McLaughlin's 31 movies (hopefully) post:

I listed my proposed schedule on a prior post, but I will list my actual viewings here along with some quick thoughts.


1. An American Werewolf in London - Still a fun movie with lots of jumps and jolts. (That dream-within-a-dream scene gets me every time). Amazing pre-CGI special effects (which won an Oscar). Very 80's in its attitude towards sex and violence. Nurse Price is still hot!


2. Who Can Kill A Child? (first-time viewing) - Take Hitchcock's "The Birds" and substitute children, and you have this movie. Creepy and atmospheric but it sure takes its time getting there (the opening credits sequence alone clocked in at over 7 minutes!). The lead actresses' histrionics grated on me at times. I loved the ending.


3. Rosemary's Baby - I haven't seen this since becoming a parent, so I was viewing it with a new set of eyes. Polanski was so talented as a young director, and it is evident throughout this movie. The site of the Dakota has a new resonance as the site of John Lennon's future assassination is shown in several scenes. And there's still something unnerving about a bunch of old people cheerfully chanting "Hail, Satan!"


4. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas - What can I say, I needed to watch something during the day with my daughter, so this fit the bill nicely. Obviously not straight horror but definitely full of horror icons, as well as the perfect warm-up for Halloween! I see something new in this movie every time I watch it, it is packed with details!


5. Ernest Scared Stupid - The Great ******* Hope returns to save a small town from an evil troll that his ancestors buried 200 years ago. Another movie I could watch with my daughter, although she was scared by the big troll hiding in the little girl's bed scene (who would have thought!) A return to more adult fare tomorrow...


6. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (first-time viewing) - A worthy entry in the 1970's foreign zombie film genre. A little slow to warm up but that gives the characters a chance to develop (Ray Lovelock was great in this!) A bit dated with the "cops versus hippies" subtext but that's part of the fun. And there are some good scares throughout.


7. The Cottage (first-time viewing) - The most bungling kidnappers on earth run into a monstrous killer in remote rural area. This is a better-than-average horror comedy but suffers from a lack of likeable characters. Reminded me of "From Dusk Till Dawn" in that it is really two movies--it starts out as a comedic crime caper and midway through morphs into straight horror.


8. Creepshow - This is a special movie for me, the movie that started my love for home theater (it was the first movie I watched on VHS that wasn't chosen by a grown-up!) I finally got the UK Special Edition after giving up waiting for a domestic special edition. I should have bought this last fall when it was released! The colors pop right off the screen, making for a more enveloping 'comic-book' experience. A classic!


9. Fido (first-time viewing) - This movie was a breath of fresh air to the zombie genre. Pleasantville meets NOTLD. Not really a horror movie but anything with zombies counts, I think. I really enjoyed this one!


10. Night Creatures - The last time I saw this 1962 movie was on television in the early 70's when I was very young, and it absolutely terrified me. Moving scarecrows, a skeleton army on skeleton horses, pirates with their tongues cut out--this was too much for me as a little kid. Well, I finally came back to this movie (having forgotten it for decades) and you know what--it wasn't scary at all! Barely qualified as horror--more of an adventure/mystery. But still a decent movie--Peter Cushing does not disappoint.


11. The Others - This is only the second time I've seen this movie, and of course if you know the ending, it's like a whole 'nother movie the second time around. Still creepy and atmospheric--the footsteps sounded like they were coming from right over my head! Nicole Kidman is as talented as she is beautiful.


12. Haxan (Witchcraft Through the Ages) - This will likely be the oldest movie on my list (it's from 1922!) and maybe the strangest. Part documenatary about witchcraft, part dramatic re-enactments, but always watchable. Surely this movie was shocking to 1922 audiences not used to seeing Satan worshippers cavorting around in the nude! The continuously tongue-waggling Satan guy is weird too.


13. The Evil of Frankenstein (first-time viewing) - Hammer Pictures cranks out another old reliable, but this one somehow has a feel of higher quality than many others. There weren't really any scares in this movie but I enjoyed it nonetheless for its atmosphere and characters. Once again Peter Cushing does an admirable job.


14. Inside (first-time viewing) - Yikes, and yuck! That about sums this one up. This movie was pretty tense, and I would imagine it's unwatchable for pregnant women. However, it wasn't quite as good as I thought it could be. There really isn't much ground covered here, it's just a series of horrific scenes, almost like a chase scene in slow-mo. There wasn't much to sink my teeth into (that's probably a bad figure of speech to use). There weren't enough compelling things about the characters, who are kept at arms-length. They are just puppets in the horror show.


15. The Woods (first-time viewing) - Pretty basic stuff here, starts out pretty good and loses a lot of steam about halfway through. If I want to watch a horror movie about witches at a private all-girls school, I'll watch Suspiria, thank you very much. Bruce Campbell isn't given much to do with his character either--that man needs to be unleashed to be his best.

16. It - I actually watched this over a period of days during my lunch breaks on my portable DVD player, but I finished it today. It held up better than I remembered, having last viewed it as it aired in 1990 on television. Maybe without all the distractions of commercial breaks and waiting for the next episode it could maintain a better tension. Funny to see a young Seth Green as Richie Tozier. Tim Curry is great as Pennywise, the clown from Hell. The scene where Beverly Marsh goes to her old childhood home creeped me out back then, and still was effective. Still a bit clunky and TV-ish but worthwhile.


17. The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen (first-time viewing) - Yes, I've seen the original Exorcist many times over (it was in fact the first DVD purchase I made back in the late 1990's) but this is the Version You've Never Seen, so I felt it qualified as a first-time viewing. And wow, what a version this is! This is much more than one of those movies where they just add a few scenes, this is a re-imagining of the movie. It felt like I was in some weird alternate universe version of The Exorcist. Motivations are clarified, characterizations are fleshed out, and of course there's the quick but infamous "spider walk" scene!


18. Freaks - Another old, strange movie. They will never make anything like this one again, not due to a lack of "freaks" so much as a prevalence of political correctness & sensitivity. Tod Browning was truly an original. Still, the scene with the freaks crawling through the mud on a stormy night to wreak their vengeance is one of the greatest all-time chills in cinema history.


19. Shaun of the Dead - I enjoyed this even more the second time around, and having seen Hot Fuzz in the interim. A fun, gory blast! I look forward to all the Simon Pegg movies that are sure to come in the future.


20. Storm Warning (first-time viewing) - Great stuff! This is really three movies rolled into one: it starts out as a creepy atmospheric (and beautifully shot) thriller, then morphs into a more standard "weird family in the sticks" movie (with a bit of torture thrown in), then it really goes for the jugular in the third act, becoming an action-gore-horror finale (think of a female MacGyver with violent vengeful intentions!) The character of Poppy is one of the best (and by that I mean worst) bad guys to hit the screen in years.


21. Night of the Comet (first-time viewing) - I'd heard about this campy 80's movie for a while, wasn't sure if it was really horror but that's how Netflix categorized it. I guess anything with post-apocalyptic zombies qualifies as horror, but really this was more like a sci-fi comedy written by high schoolers. This falls firmly in the "so bad, it's good" category, and I think that's exactly what they were intending. Entertaining!


22. The Last House on the Left - Hot on the heels of the Manson Family murder spree, this Wes Craven early 70's movie still packs a punch today. Very dated in some respects, but hard not to keep watching. A cautionary tale about hippies gone wild, but the parents have a few tricks up their sleeves too. The chainsaw finale scene was done a full two years before the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


23. Dance of the Dead (first-time viewing) - I really enjoyed this one. Lots of great characters and it's nice to see a cast of unknowns doing so well. Very funny, particularly the scenes with the sci-fi club, the band, the Coach, the troublemaker...oh heck, it was just fun all around.


24. The Happening (first-time viewing) - Lame. Avoid.


25. Dracula A.D. 1972 (first-time viewing) - Hammer Studios "updates" their vampire series by taking it into 1972. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing may not be at top form, but the datedness of the early 70's UK hippies is half the fun.


26. Versus - Director's Cut (first-time viewing) - Japanese zombies with guns. I repeat, Japanese zombies with guns! A lot of fun despite a very washed-out picture and low-budget look. Very bloody and thousands of rounds of amunition are spent. Worth a look!


27. Paperhouse - Excellent, creepy, scary movie from the director of "Candyman" back when he was a nobody. A little girl draws pictures and discovers they are affecting the outcomes of her dreams--and possibly the real world. You can't get this in the USA, but I ordered through Amazon UK and played it on my region-free player.


28. May (first-time viewing) - This movie was a slow way to an inevitable conclusion--never a good formula for a movie. I think part of the problem was the lead actress--all the other actors were better than her. Maybe that was the intention of the director to make her stick out more, but I just couldn't get emotionally invested in this character. I give it a few points for oddness but not much more than that.


29. Spider Baby - If you want to know where Rob Zombie got a lot of inspiration for "House of 1,000 Corpses", watch this movie about a weird, wacky family of killer misfits. One of Lon Chaney's last performances. This movie was way ahead of its time and not like anything else in the early 1960's.


30. The Black Cat (1934) - Here you have the classic "Young couple gets stranded at a strange castle in Eastern Europe" plot, but on top of that you have the first pairing of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff! There's a lot more to this movie than just that, though--some comedy, implied necrophilia, and Bahaus architecture!


31. The Gorgon (first-time viewing) - A pretty decent Hammer film in the new collection just released. This is supposed to be a "modernized" retelling of the Medusa myth set in the early 1900's, but essentially this plays out just like the Werewolf--when it's a full moon, the Gorgon appears. Christopher Lee stands out in this one, he is clearly relishing his strong character. Hokey effects, of course.


32. Halloween (Rob Zombie version (first-time viewing) - This was better than I thought it would be. I particularly liked the first half. Once it started following the more familiar plot of the original movie, it lost a little steam. I also was having technical problems with the Netflix disc which was very scratched. For a while it didn't look like I was going to be able to complete a viewing of this movie, and it was getting close to midnight! Fortunately my computer's DVD drive was able to read it, so the last 30 minutes of the movie I watched at a desk!

Final tally...32 movies, 17 first-time viewings! I strayed a lot from my original list but that was because new movies kept arriving through Netflix, and I usually will watch something new rather than something I've already seen.

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LugNutX's Frightfest 2008 Movie List

October 1:
1. Welcome to the Jungle - 2 stars (out of 4)

I thought I would kick off the month with something a little different. This is basically a first-person (think Blair Witch, Cloverfield) cannibal movie. There was a very nice buildup - in fact I actually forgot I was watching a horror movie - but the payoff wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped. Believable acting, but I probably wouldn't watch again. Worth a rental if you need help meeting quota this month

October 5:
2. See No Evil - 1 star (out of 4)

I was fairly disappointed with this one, as I at least expected a plausible story - as opposed to the weak kills that were just strung together for 85 minutes. The sound was fairly impressive and some of the cinematography was nice, but that's about all I could find. I wasn't even entertained as a "popcorn flick".

October 6:
3. Psycho (1960) - 3 stars (out of 4)

Strangely enough, this is one I had never seen before. The movie was released 20 years before I was born and I rarely watch the classics. TCM has had some good programming lately, so I caught this on one of my DVR binges. I was surprised by how much the story kept me glued to the screen, despite the huge contrast between modern horror and this classic. I can't help but think that I may have been more "shocked" if I caught it at the time it was released, but I still have a respect for the world of cinema it opened up.

4. The Woods - 3 stars (out of 4)

This has been my favorite film of my own little "scary movie fest" thus far. It featured a little bit of everything, but relied more on the creepy-factor than blood (though there was still plenty) to give me the chills. I don't want to give too much away, as some others might be interested in picking this up - and it's best enjoyed blindly. Interested parties can find this for extremely cheap in the Big Lots bargain bin.

October 7:
5. Wilderness - 3 stars (out of 4)

A new night, a new favorite movie so far. This film from the UK sees a group of inmates from a juvenile prison taken to an deserted island for some "bonding" time. Once they arrive, they discover they aren't the only ones there. Obviously, panic ensues as the group members begin to drop. It may be because I wasn't expecting much, but I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie and would definitely watch it again sometime.

October 8:
6. Dead Man's Shoes - 2 stars (out of 4)

I almost wouldn't classify this as horror, but it was a first-time viewing for me, so I was unaware of what to expect. This is the second night in a row of films from the UK, but this one didn't keep me as entertained as the previous night. There is still a stalker, and there are still several grisly kills, but it's not the typical genre film. Perhaps worth a rent if you are looking for something with a little drama to it - but otherwise, not one I would normally recommend. It should be noted that the same actor that played "Callum" in Wilderness was also "Anthony" in this film.

October 9:
7. Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds - 1 star (out of 4)

This one was a little upsetting for me, because I loved the first movie so much. Where the first movie mixed cliches, comedy, tension and gross-out gore, Feast 2 was merely about the comedy and gross-out factor. Gone was the tension of being fortified in a rundown bar, gone was the mystery of what the monsters were, gone was the clever humor....and in its place was a film that changed sets about 10 times, constantly made fun of things in the cheesiest way, was full of awful CGI, and had more gross-out jokes than a movie aimed at high schoolers. I was severely disappointed and prefer to imagine that there were no sequels to the original Feast.

October 11:
8. Saw - 3 stars (out of 4)

I would imagine that almost everyone posting in this thread has seen this film before, so there's not much to say. It's one of my favorites released in the last 5 years and one I try to watch every October. The sequels are hit or miss (mostly miss), but its the biggest horror franchise since the Freddy/Jason/Michael era. The original is definitely in my recommended list. I should note that I watched the "Uncut Edition" and did not notice anything added to the story. I haven't checked to see the differences, but I doubt they will jump out at you...

October 12:
9. The Pool - 2 stars (out of 4)

Though nothing special, this movie had me curious for several reasons. This movie was originally released in Germany in 2001, though all of the dialog is in English, and the cast is a variety of nationalities. Basically a group of international students graduate from school and decide to have one last party at a new swimming center that just opened. They start dying off, one by one, leaving you guessing the killer's identity. This formula has been done a million times before, but it was okay for some brainless fun. One of the other reasons I was interested in this movie was the fact that both James McAvoy and Isla Fisher make one of their first big-screen appearances here.

October 14:
10. The Devil's Chair - 2 stars (out of 4)

I picked this up on a whim after reading some decent reviews. I was not overly impressed, but it did approach things from a different direction than your typical horror movie. The box art and trailer would leave you to believe this was a Saw-esque movie, but that's not the case. Worth a rental if you are looking for something with a psychological edge in addition to gratuitous blood and gore. I chuckled a few times at how much the main character sounded like Jason Statham.

October 16:
11. The Happening - 2 stars (out of 4)

I'm apparently in the minority when it comes to this movie, but I found it neither horrible nor top-notch. His movies are usually hit-or-miss with me, but I merely found this one, "eh". Do I think it deserves all the flack it's taken? No. Would I nominate it for any awards? No. I thought it took a fairly original idea (and far more probable than some scenarios) and entertained me for 90 minutes, nothing more and nothing less. Though sparse, I also found the extras pretty interesting.

October 19:
12. Wind Chill - 2 stars (out of 4)

I expected more out of a movie with George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh's name attached to it - even as producers. It got off to a decent start, but things started to go downhill around the midway point. For a mostly-enclosed set, I thought the actors did a very good job of portraying their roles. In fact, had it not been for the unusual setting (at least for a horror movie), I was dangerously close to letting this fall to a 1 star movie. As it stands, it's worth watching if you are running low on horror flicks this month, but otherwise you aren't missing too much.

October 20:
13. Dance of the Dead - 2 stars (out of 4)

I finally hit #13! I never intended on chasing down the coveted 31 movies, but I had set a personal goal of 13. I'm quite pleased that I still have 11 days to squeeze in some more! Anyways, I read some good reviews of this one on another thread, so I thought I would check it out. It definitely had a little bit of everything, as many have mentioned - blood, gore, laughs, scares, etc. I've never really been too high on the campy style of horror, so don't let my score prevent you from viewing if that's your bag. The movie was entertaining, but I doubt that I will watch it again and certainly not one I would put into "cult classic" status. Decent acting, mediocre story on a low-end budget.

October 22:
14. Wes Craven's They - 1 star (out of 4)

Very easy to see why this one didn't get more attention - it moved fairly slowly and had a fairly cheesy story. There were a few tense moments and the ending was interesting (though I liked the Alternate Ending in the Special Features better), but it wasn't enough to save this from barely-mediocrity. It wasn't as bad as Feast 2 and See No Evil, but it wasn't as good as some of my 2-star movies. I don't typically notice things like this, but the DVD transfer was one of the worst I've seen recently (dirt and softness everywhere, and not on purpose) and the soundtrack had some dynamic range issues.

October 23:
15. Black Sheep - 3 stars (out of 4)

I stated before that I don't traditionally care for campy horror, but this one was right up my alley last night. The film never really took itself seriously (and how could it, when we're dealing with killer sheep?), had a few jumpy moments and held my attention throughout. The WETA workshop did the creature effects for this movie and I found them to be very top-notch. I was also very impressed with the use of sound and some of the surround effects - sheep were EVERYWHERE in my room

16. Nightmare on Elm Street - 3 stars (out of 4)

A classic 80's horror example - not much to say here. I purchased the boxed set for cheap and I'm starting to pick my way through the movies one at a time. I have never seen many of the sequels, but I have heard they are a mixed bag.

October 26:
17. Ravenous - 3 stars (out of 4)

I decided to watch this one after a good review from wizzack and the fact that it's always been on my list of movies to see. I was fairly impressed and found it to be an entertaining take on a cannibal tale. The copy I watched was non-anamorphic and lacked any real extras, but I would be interested in tracking down a newer copy (if one exists) to add to my collection.

October 29:
18. Saw V - 1 star (out of 4)

I have been a fan of this series for a while, despite the fact that 3 and 4 were less-than-stellar. This latest installment will interest only those that have followed the entire series closely, and even then it seems like a weak rehash. It definitely adds some plot points to the Saw universe, but was the weakest entry in the series by far. I really wish they would call it quits on these movies, but as long as they continue to make money, they'll continue to get made.

October 30:
19. The Dark Hours - 2 stars (out of 4)

Another horror film with a psychological edge, this was nothing special, but certainly entertaining. I did think that it was rather slow in some parts, and the acting from some characters was weak at times. As a whole, the movie worked fairly well and I may have rated it higher if I hadn't already seen a movie with a similar chain of events (excluded for spoiler purposes).

Film Rankings (in order viewed)

4 Stars:


3 Stars:

-Psycho (1960)

-The Woods



-Black Sheep

-Nightmare on Elm Street


2 Stars:

-Welcome to the Jungle

-Dead Man's Shoes

-The Pool

-The Devil's Chair

-The Happening

-Wind Chill

-Dance of the Dead

-The Dark Hours

1 Star:

-See No Evil

-Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds


-Saw V

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Originally Posted by NetworkTV /forum/post/14783724

You mean the "no actual Trolls were involved with this production" movie? I'm so very sorry for you. Really.

If you really want something terrible to watch, try the Feeders/Feeders 2 set. It comes convienently on a single DVD for your viewing misery. There's even a more poorly done "making of" featurette included. I think these movies were soley responsible for the downfall of the Video Toaster...

ha! yup - the disc arrived cracked in half so it was a no-go. I just added Feeders 1/2 to my netflix q. Thanks!

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Bump for some recommendations........

Today (actually this weekend) is going to be LFE horror day/night and I would like to really give my dual MFW-15s a good workout!! In addition to 1999 DTS version of "The Haunting", the 2006 remake of "Pulse" and "Monster House" I need several more horror movies with good LFE tracks... any suggestions?

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Those are great LFE horror movies. The only one I can think of that has some great LFE is "Sleepy Hollow". The thundering hoofbeats, and in particular the scene where the woman and her child are hiding under the floor while the horseman stomps around above them, are some startling LFE moments!

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I slacked off at the end of the week

I got a new receiver on Thursday (Onkyo 705 WOO HOO!), so I spent the majority of the evening setting it up and performing calibrations. I was out of town this weekend, so I hope to get back on track this week! There are at least 10 more NEW horror movies waiting to be watched at home, and a Nightmare on Elm Street boxed set on the way!

I'm dying to get some horror flicks in...

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Ah, "Near Dark"....awesome flick. Foil up the windows! Those vampires knew how to control ambient light better than home theater enthusiasts!

Glad you liked "Sleepy Hollow", Airboss!
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