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odd problem, picking closest forum for thoughts

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I have a pretty basic system, Visio 47" LCD, Onky TX-SR707 receiver configured for 5.1 with Energy speakers & sub, two audio ins, including a Motororola dual tuner DVR DCH6416 and a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-Ray player. Connections are similarly mainstream, with Wi-Fi to the blu-ray, HDMI from the blu-ray and dvr to the receiver, and HDMI to the TV. Speakers are run with standard 2-wire, 14 or 16 guage.

This setup has worked fine since I bought the receiver, until maybe 6 weeks ago. Notable change then...the new blu-ray player and wifi connection. The problem first started manifesting itself as a crystal clear picture to the TV, but with no audio from anything plugged into the receiver, including the cable box, blu-ray, or even an ipod run thru the front auxialliary jack. Messing with audio modes fixed that the first time, a factory reset (dvd + power) fixed it the second time, and the third time nothing worked so I just took it out of the system and routed blu-ray and dvr straight to the TV. Here comes the funny part...a couple weeks later the same problem happened again, but this time it's no audio to/thru the TV. It doesn't matter if I'm on the cable box or the blu-ray player, there's just no sound. So last night it happened again, except this time my messing with it eventually got me some distorted sound, as in watching a football game and the announcers would come thru in waves, very scratching and softSOFTLOUDSOftsoftloUDSOft etc...distintictly unintelligible. I pulled everything apart, did a visual inspection of the HDMI cables for signs of wear/tear/rodents/cat/etc, found nothing wrong, so hooked back up thru the receiver. I tried to do an Audyssey set-up, but could get no sound thru the speakers for the microphone to "hear", so there was an unending "wait" mode. I gave up on that, factory rebooted, and suddenly all my speakers showed up as functional and I had crystal clear audio. Tonight, it's back to nothing anywhere from anything.

So if it were the receiver, the problem shouldn't have happened on the TV after I took the receiver out of the equation.

If it were the cable box, it shouldn't affect sound from the blu-ray, auxiallary jack, or tuner.

If it were the TV, well, that just doesn't make sense.

The blu-ray? How could that have an effect on all the other components?

The wires/cables look good. I'm at a complete and utter loss.

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While it could be either a faulty connector somewhere along the line i think it is most likely one of the hdmi cables, particularly if you are watching a bluray but not using a hdmi cable certified to the newer standards (which support higher bandwidth thus it might be struggling to carry both picture and sound simultaneously). I would go out and by a fairly cheap cable (preferably HDMI v1.4 just to be safe) and see if that fixes your problem, worked for me when i had an almost identical issue.
Yeah, the HDMI cables are kind of where I ended up too, thus the inspection on Sunday. However once the problem is active, in the receiver won't make a sound even when set to tuner...it basically acts like it has no speakers hooked up to it at all and no sound coming into it. So if this is the problem, its got to be of a nature that distorted data coming through the cable binds up the recipient component (receiver or TV). Also, since it was working fine on the cable box Sunday night, but not when we turned it on last night (still on the cable box), the problem has to be able to come through the cable even when the blu-ray player isn't selected. Maybe tonight I'll disconnect the blu-ray player altogether, reboot the receiver, then see what's what. If that works, then I could go looking for newer HDMI cables (mine are between 2-4 years old).

Thanks for the reply.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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