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Built an HTPC this weekend, with the following specs.

Silverstone MILO ML03 case

Asus F2A85-M motherboard (Went with this instead of the A55 for the HDMI out)

AMD A4-5300 APU

Raidmax 380W ATX power supply

4 G Kingston HyperX memory, 1333 (2 2G sticks)

Asus Internal 24x DVD-RW optical drive

100 meg SATA 1.5 HDD (Swiped it from an older computer, was basically being idle)

Generic USB wireless mouse/keyboard combo

I had intended to put it into the media closet I'm building, but the wife preferred it being out, and it made it a little easier to work the controlling of it. All of it (Not including the OS, I had that to cannibalize from an unused system) came to a shade over $300.

I'm running the most recent build of XBMC on top of Windows 7 Ultimate, connected via HDMI to the Aux HDMI port on an Onkyo HT-RC260. Sound and graphics are amazing, it's quiet (Even running out on the floor unenclosed during testing), I only have one weird thing. When the HDMI cable from the htpc is plugged in, my XBox will not boot. As soon as I remove the HDMI to the server, it will boot. And when I switch back to the regular cable input (Haven't switched it off the subscription yet), I get audio but no video.

Is this something with the HDMI cable? Bad HDMI port on the Onkyo? Any ideas?

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