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So after much troubleshooting, I've come across an odd situation... 


The Setup: 


Denon AVR-X4000

Optoma HD25e (HDMI Zone 1)

Monoprice Redmere HDMI Cables (30 feet)

Old panasonic and Samsung TVs (HDMI Zone 2 via J-Tech HDMI Splitter)


So, I had a Marantz SR6006 that I replaced with a Denon AVR-X4000 for the additional HDMI zone.  The Marantz worked fine with my projector and cables.  When I plugged in the Denon, the main zone Optoma projector, I get nothing.  I've tested the HDMI ports with the other TVs on the same length mid-long-run HDMI cables, and they work fine.  I tried both HDMI inputs on the projector and still no results.  


So I thought the specific HDMI cable running to the projector might be bad (which is installed in the ceiling), but I plugged the projector into the J-Tech splitter and THEN IT WORKS.  


TLDR: My projector won't run directly off of the receiver's HDMI ports, but it will work when it first goes through a splitter.  


I've tried a lot of stuff, and I guess one option is to buy a splitter another splitter and just have it sit there with one cable plugged in, but that seems like kind of a sad solution when using high end equipment.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing the conflict?


Thanks in advance! 
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