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I recently bought an Oppo DV-981HD to replace my OPDV971H I have been using since I bought the LVM-37W1 about a year ago. I am having an interesting "overscan" problem that I cannot find any direct answer for here, nor does Oppo customer service have any solution.

In both cases, I am using the DVI/HDMI output on the DVD player, and the DVI1 input on the TV, which is said to have no overscan, although the problem I describe also happens on DVI2. On my TV, DVI2 accepts 1080p which it is not supposed to be able to do.

With the older 971, I saw no "overscan" or pixel cropping in 480p or 720p resolutions as measured by the Avia overscan test pattern. The 540p and 1080i modes showed about 3% "overscan" (2% left, 3% right, 4% top and 4% bottom).

With the new 981, I see just under 3% "overscan" on all sides in all resolutions including 1080p.

This is with "standard" aspect mode on the TV. "Fill" makes the "overscan" even worse, except with the 1080p mode, where fill doesn't seem to do anything.

According to the LVM-37W1 thread, the DVI1 input is said to have no overscan at all. In all the Oppo threads, it is said that the 971 and 981 have no pixel cropping or overscan, at least for most people as this depends on the display.

I do not understand, given what is said about the TV and the DVD player, why I see any overscan. The oppo support guy said that it most likely has to do with a mismatch between the vertical and horizontal refresh rates the oppo outputs, and what the display expects for a given resolution. I did read that some people with HTPCs running at 1920x1080 have to set their vertical refresh rate to 59Hz rather than 60Hz to prevent this "overscan" behavior, but this is not an adjustable parameter on the DVD player, nor does it seem to be adjustable on the display, even with the service menu.

Does this problem have a solution? Is there a way to tweek the display in some way through the service menu that I did not see to fix this problem?

The 1080p from the 981 does look slightly better than the 720p of the 971, and it does have SACD, and HD-DVD (and sounds very good as well). My plan was to replace both the 971 and my Sony DVP-S9000ES I was using as an audio SACD player and transport for my outboard DAC. The overscan is really the only problem with the 981, and it must be preventing 1:1 pixel mapping from the DVD player to the display.
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