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Hey everyone,

I usually view the plasma area of the forums(proud krp-500m owner!) but now I have upgraded my speakers so it might be time to start watching this section.

I bought a klipsch bundle from vanns, including the XF-48's, xl-23's and the 500w sub. As I set up the XF-48 and plugged in the speaker wire(sorry no pre-outs on the Onkyo SR-607) I noticed that one of the speakers was buzzing. Actually it only buzzed when I plugged in the negative wire.

I went through normal trouble shooting, swapping wires/speakers, verifying correct polarity, using different power outlets, as they are active speakers. The issue seems isolated to the speaker. Of course I found it strange then when I turned on my receiver only to hear the buzz vanish. So it appears whenever my speaker gets a signal it disappears and sounds great, when the receiver is turned off the buzz returns.

The receiver can also be unplugged and the speaker will still buzz as long as there is a wire in the negative terminal.

I assume that the speaker has an issue but I also want to understand what is wrong with it. Hopefully you guys have some info or clues for me to satisfy my inner-engineer.

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