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TV-OUT card?

I have the SOLTEK B6F-1000 (1 ghz VIA C3, S3 on-board graphics) miniPC and I used the lone PCI slot for the ATI ALL-IN-WONDER TV card. I have a dual boot win98se and win2000 (sp4), and the drivers for the all-in-wonder card for both win98se and win2k both work fine. The ATI software does NOT work at all, and I believe it is because of the onboard S3 Graphics engine. I believe this because the DTV program (downloaded from this site) DOES work, but ONLY when I use odd (or even) line ONLY.

Normally, the ATI software (on a different system with an AGP video card) provides line doubling and the normal TV (cable, air, VHS, or DVD) looks better than on a good TV. But, using DTV with odd lines only, I see jaggies, which is a bit of a bumer. Still, this little PC is so quiet I want to keep on using it. It has an extra expansion slot, which they call a TV-OUT slot. It looks a bit like an AGP slot, but, the manual specifically says that it is NOT and AGP slot, and they say that a TV-OUT card for it is optional.

I tried to contack SOLTEK, but their website is gone - I think they are no longer in business.

Does anyone know what card would go here? The picture indicates that it has DVI out, so, maybe I could get a card that would allow for the line doubling that ATI (or DTV) would do.

I can't seem to find out anything about this non-standard expansion slot, so, I am hoping someboday here knows something about it. I wrote a letter (snail mail) to SOLTEK's address in Taiwain, but, I got no response. I think they are long gone - eh?

Alternately, is there a PCI-based graphics card that would also offer composite/s-video IN and offer line doubling and the really good TV-out vidoe like the all-in-wonder software does? All the tv-tuner cards on newegg say they have NO tuner included.

What is good about this little miniPC is that it is very quiet, but, powerful enough for LAN internet, and USB2IDE all at the same time so I can extract those MPG4 (highly compressed) movies from my dishnetwork dvr.

If there is a PCI-based video card with TV-in, or if there is a TV-OUT card that fits this oddball slot, that would allow for line doubling, then this little PC would be perfect.

Thanks, littleberry
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