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Odyssee Motion Simulator

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Has anybody ever tried one of these things out? Does anybody here have one?


I had heard of them and always wanted to put one in my system, but until now, I thought they were out of reach. They are still up there, but a little closer now.

As I am in the final planning stages of my system, I would want to know if it is worth it to build with these in mind.


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We have one at our store here in St. Louis and it is wild! It definitely adds a lot to the movie watching experience. Whether what it adds is a good thing or a bad thing is up to the individual. I happen to like it a lot but I couldn't ALWAYS watch movies with it. The pod racing sequence in STAR WARS: TPM and pretty much all of PERFECT STORM are great demos.
We set one of them up at a home show and the reaction by most people was amazing - huge smiles. If your home theater has everything else this is definitely worth considering.
sounds like Disney World
As for Disney world, I have seen the star tours ride recently and was amazed at how bad the picture looked compared to a well set up home theater. If I could somehow get my hands on the video they use for some of these rides, it would be utterly amazing for home showing and complete the "WOW" factor.

Imagine having Star Tours, Back to the Future and whatever other commercial simulation rides available on DVD!


Don't know of any way (yet) to get your hands on the software for those theme park rides but we've certainly got a whole bunch of thrilling experiences programmed for Odyssee with more coming every month (NOTE: motion programming for Harry Potter is now finished and will be on our v2.6 F/X CD which comes out the beginning of July).

Were you able to get over to BWE in Clovis for an extended Odyssee demo?

If there's anyone else who has questions about Odyssee please feel free to "let 'er rip" as I'll be more than glad to answer them for you If you're at all interested in how we do our motion programming you can check out the thread below which I posted yesterday:


A good weekend to all and happy viewing.



Rob Robinson, Director of Sales

D-BOX Technology (makers of the Odyssee Motion Simulator)
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I bet some really rich dude will also want fog machines, misters, fans, flame machines....what else am I missing?
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