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I have this HTIB connected to a Epson Projector using a good quality 50 ft HDMI cable.

Everything works fine 70% of the time.

All of a sudden on some random day, when I turn on everything and I get audio, but projector says NO SIGNAL.

I reset all devices, unplugged all cables, powered them off, NOTHING!

I keep doing all that for connect-disconnect-reset-power-off things, for 20-30 minutes and all of a sudden I will get video.

What do you think? The Projector is not able get information through the 50 ft monoprice HDMI cable?

I dont think the projector or the cable are bad.

I connected a PS3 (and even a boxee box) directly to the projector using the same cable and it works fine, 100% of the time)

I even tried a friend's Optoma Projector.

What are my options?
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