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Figured it was time to open an official owners thread:

These are both comparable models. The SC-1527-K is a Future Shop Canada exclusive that is basically identical to the Elite SC-65 without the Elite badge.

Here are the links to the Pioneer Electronics Canada pages to start it off:


Here is the link to Pioneer Electronics page for the SC-65:


9.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver

THX® Select 2 Plus certified 9.2 Channel Class D3 Amplification brings unprecedented power and fidelity to your home theater.

MHL® Connectivity brings HD Audio and Video from your Android smart device.

4k2K passthrough allows connectivity with future HDTV formats.


Amplifier Design Class D3

Channels 9.2

Power Output: Watts per Channel 130 x 9 (1kHz)

4 OHM Speaker

Estimated Power Consumption 330 Watts



Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad Certified iPod/iPhone/iPad

Supported Apple Devices 4th gen Nano and above / iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 / iPad, iPad2

iControlAV Application iControlAV2012(iPad, iPhone, Android)

Supplied iPad/iPhone/iPod A/V Cable

iTunes Movie / TV / Video Playback via cable

iTunes Album Art

YouTube Video Playback via Supplied A/V Cable

Internet Radio vTuner

Pandora Radio

Sirius Radio via Internet w/ subscription

DLNA 1.5 Certified Yes

USB Formats MP3, WMA, iPod Digital, WAV 192kHz, FLAC 192kHz, JPEG

Network Audio Formats LPCM, WAV 192kHz, MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC 192kHz


Digital Core DSP Engine TI Aureus x 2

THX™ Certification Select 2 Plus

iPod Digital Audio

192K/24-Bit DACs 192kHz/32-Bit

Dolby True HD

Dolby Digital plus

Dolby Pro-Logic IIz

DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS Neo:X Yes


Phase Control Auto / Plus

Auto MCACC Advanced

Manual MCACC

Standing Wave Control

EQ Bands 9

Symmetric EQ

MCACC Memory 6


Distance Adjustment 1/2 Inch

Polarity Check

Auto Subwoofer Crossover


Auto Surround

Auto Level Control Multi-Channel

Optimum Surround

Stream Direct Direct / Pure Direct

Advanced Surround 15 + Headphone Surround

Wide Surround

Front Stage Surround Advance Yes (Focus/Wide)

Headphone Surround

Virtual Surround Back

Virtual Height

Virtual Depth

Virtual Wide


High-bit. High sampling Hi-bit24

DSD to PCM Converter Multi-Channel

PQLS Jitter Reduction HDMI Bitstream/ Multi

Dialog Enhancement

Advanced Sound Retriever Multi-Channel / Auto with ARC

Sound Retriever AIR

Digital Noise Reduction

Tone Control Multi Channel

Sound Delay (Lip Sync) 10-Frames

Speaker A/B

Bi-Amp Front Channel


4k2k Video Passthrough

3-D Ready

Audio Return Channel

HDMI 36-bit Deep Color

HDMI x.v. Color

Video Converter to HDMI

Video Scaler Marvell Qdeo up to 1080p / 24fps

Stream Smoother

Pure Cinema

Video Parameter Adjustments Advanced Video Adjust - HD Sources Progressive Motion - YNR, CNR, BNR, MNR, Detail, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Chroma, Black level


HDMI Input / Output 8 In / 2 Out

Wireless Adapter Port AS-BT200 / Air Jam App

Component Video Input / Output 2 In / 1 Out

iPhone / iPod Front USB / Composite Video

USB Memory Input Yes (MP3 / WMA / WAV 192kHz / FLAC 192kHz, JPEG)

Ethernet Input

Composite A/V Input / Output 4 In / 1 Out

Analog Audio Inputs / Output 1 In

Digital Inputs / Output 4 In / 1 Out

Pre-Amp Outputs 9.1 Channel (11.2 Terminals)

Headphone Output

Front A/V Inputs HDMI or MHL / USB / Composite Video

AM/FM Presets 63


On-Screen Display GUI with Album Art

Multi-Room and Source Output 2 Zone AV / 3 Zone Audio

Zone 2 Sources DVD, Sat/CBL, DVR/BDR, Internet radio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Media Server, Favorites, iPod/USB, TV, CD, Tuner, Adapter Port

Zone 3 Sources Analog Audio

12 Volt Trigger (Assignable) Yes


IR Serial Remote In/Out 2 In / 1 Out

Multi-Zone On-Screen Display Yes (Zone 2)

Network Firmware Update Ethernet / USB


PC Set-Up With Remote Maintenance

IP Control for CI

PreAmp Mode Yes

Versatile Speaker Configuration 7 Mode (Bi-Amp / Zone 2 / B-Speaker / Surround Back / Front Height / Front Width)

FL Dimmer

Function Rename

Remote Learning

Sleep Timer

Detachable Power Cord


Front Panel Aluminum (Hairline)

Transformer Stabilizer

Advanced Direct Construction

Large Speaker Terminals All


Warranty 3 Years


W x H x D (inches) 17.13 x 7.28 x 17.36

Weight 33.29 lbs

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I am setting up my new SC-1527-K and I have my theatre room wired and speakers placed for 9.1 based on the Yamaha presence speaker placement. I am trying to determine which speaker terminals to use for my presence speakers on this unit. It seems that DSX stresses width and Dolby Digital stresses height. The placement of my speakers is both high and wide in comparison to the front mains.

Here is an image pretty close to what I have:

I am leaning towards height I think because this unit uses mostly Dolby surround modes for 9.1. From the Dolby site:

"By adding front height channels, Dolby Pro Logic IIz creates a 7.1 or 9.1 playback system that enhances the spaciousness of music, movies, and video games, bringing a new dimension to surround sound listening. An additional pair of speakers located above the front left and right speakers enables Dolby Pro Logic IIz to introduce a vertical component to the horizontal soundfield of a conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system."

Any opinions on whether I should wire them as front wide or front height?

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The wides or height will be a matrix sound. Dialogue is from the center, so which ever you prefer. I use front height.

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Hey guys, does anyone know how Pioneer gauges it's volume? I've only ever had Denon receiver's, and I have my SC-1527-K set to -12, as I did with my Denon 3801 that just kicked the bucket, but the output is much lower. -12 was the same loudness on my 3801 and the 3808 I also have. It was really my threshold for both (the 3801 was connected to my computer, so I set the receiver to -12 and adjusted the volume on my computer), but as aforementioned, the Pio's output isn't even close at the same volume rating. I know each receiver brand varies, but this is quite a substantial difference.

Also, I'm currently only using the SC-1527-K in a two channel setup.


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I own an SC-65 for almost 2 weeks and I am pretty familiarized with the operation of thi unit. However, I have an issue and I believe it has to do with HDMI (cable or reciever?). See, I can not play FLAC music files within a program running on my Home theater computer. The hdmi out 1 is being used to the tv. I see the video but no sound. The receiver is set to DVD HDMI. Now, here is the funny part... When the HDMI output is switched from out 1 to out 2, then and only then can I hear sound BUT NOOO video. I have run through all the options for settigns and can not seem to get video and audio together using this piece of software called JRIVER.

this is a repost

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Originally Posted by Quadcam99  /t/1448081/official-pioneer-elite-sc-65-sc-1527-k-owners-thread#post_22770598

Hey guys, does anyone know how Pioneer gauges it's volume? I've only ever had Denon receiver's, and I have my SC-1527-K set to -12, as I did with my Denon 3801 that just kicked the bucket, but the output is much lower. -12 was the same loudness on my 3801 and the 3808 I also have. It was really my threshold for both (the 3801 was connected to my computer, so I set the receiver to -12 and adjusted the volume on my computer), but as aforementioned, the Pio's output isn't even close at the same volume rating. I know each receiver brand varies, but this is quite a substantial difference.

Also, I'm currently only using the SC-1527-K in a two channel setup.


I saw this topic discussed in either the SC-61/63 owner forum or the SC-67/68 owner forum. Suggest you look there and search on "volume control" or something similar if you don't get an answer here.

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My amazon review of the pioneer elite sc-65

5.0 out of 5 stars The Pioneer Elite SC-65 is one amazing receiver sure to please!

This review is from: Pioneer Elite SC-65 9.2 Channel THX® Select 2 Plus A/V Receiver (Electronics)

The new 3D ready Pioneer Elite SC-65 elite receiver is nothing short of spectacular. This top of the line receiver is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore audiophiles. After constantly using the SC-65 for the past 3 months, I can say I am very happy with it. What I like most about the system is the integration with apple products. You can be listening to a song or album on your mac, iphone, or ipad and use the airplay feature to stream it directly to the receiver if you have it set up on the same internet network. If you download the pioneer iControAV2012 app you can use it on your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch to control almost any feature on the pioneer receiver. I still love the fact I can turn the receiver on and control almost any feature from anywhere in the house with the app. The picture and sound quality are some of the absolute best from any receiver I have used or tested. I am using it with a last generation Pioneer Kuro Elite and the picture is truly jaw dropping. The video conversion gives you the best picture from anything you connect to it. You also get Pandora radio, Sirius Radio, and Vtuner radio which offers thousands of radio stations from across the world. This receiver also supports 4K pass through (also known as 4K2K or Ultra High Defenition) which is the new high definition format expected to eventually replace 1080p. With 1080p TVs you have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels thus the p at the end. With 4K you get 3840x2160 pixels resulting in an even much better picture than 1080p. Think of it as kind of a retina display on a ipad or iphone where the pixels are almost impossible to see resulting in a much clearer picture. Now 4K TVs are barely coming out now and are ridiculously expensive starting at over twenty grand, but will eventually drop to a reasonable price range in a few years. The first 4K2K blu-rays or Ultra Def blu-rays are expected to hit the market sometime in 2013. So with the 4K passthrough not only are you future proofing yourself, but you will be getting the absolute best quality that will even rival the best movie theaters. For some reason the UK version of pioneers website has much more detailed information and great videos on this model although their model number is SC-LX56-K and its the same receiver minus the elite branding.[...]

UPDATE 11/26/2012 Amazon deleted all the video links I posted which is why you will see the (...)

If you bought this receiver before November 26th, 2012 there is a new update available on pioneers website, or you can download it directly from the receiver through the update software option if you have it connected to the internet via ethernet cable or the wifi adapter. This update now offers support for HTC Connect, Improves the stability of HDMI connection, and other improvement.

Coming winter of 2012 pioneer will release another update for this receiver. The new firmware update to add support for Apple Lossless, AIFF and gapless playback. Apple Lossless - Apple Lossless (also known as ALAC) file format allows the exact data to be reconstructed from the compressed data. AIFF Files - AIFF files store and transmit uncompressed professional-level audio data. Gapless Playback - Gapless playback improves the listening experience by providing the user with uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks. Gapless playback is particularly useful with music tracks that are meant to play continuously, without a break, such as classical music, progressive rock, concept albums or live recordings with audience sounds between track

There are so many things that this receiver does that its hard to list them all, but I will go over some of my favorite ones. I have also posted video links explaining in better detail what some of the features that this Pioneer SC-65 receiver has. You will also get all the specs courtesy of pioneers website. Hope this review is informative and helps you make a better informed decision.

This Direct Energy HD Amp with Class D operates at extraordinary output levels with extremely low distortion and virtually no wasted energy. Signal paths are 25% lower than with the previous model, and power consumption is effectively decreased by up to 44% versus analogue amp models. The result is audio so rich, so dense, and so completely engrossing that even the leading traditional analogue amps can't come close.

The MCACC speaker calibration is a great tool that adjusts adjusts each speaker's virtual size, level, distance, and response to precision-tune the system to your room. [...] For a video on this feature go to youtube and type in Pioneer AV Receivers - MCACC

Advanced Sound Retriever restores WMA/MP3/AAC files that are compressed thus improving the overall sound. For people like myself that stream music from their computers, iphones, and ipads this improves the sound from those compressed files.

[...] For a video on this feature go to youtube and type Pioneer AV receivers - Auto Sound Retriever

Hi-Bit 32 processing Maximum sound performance from digital sources is gained by applying Hi-bit 32 Audio Signal Processing to expand signal resolution, creating more detailed, smooth sound, closer to the original analogue signal.. It is effective for multi-channel content on DVD/Blu-ray Disc as well as CD audio, and works with any disc player.

[...] For a video on this feature go to youtube and type Pioneer AV receivers - Hi-bit 32

Stream Smoother improves videos from portable devices or streamed content over your internet. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, apple tv, amazon video and youtube have a lower bit-rate which can cause video artifacts and noise on your screen resulting in a decreased picture. Stream smoother improves the picture quality of network content streamed over the internet. You can rest assured your getting the absolute best picture quality.[...] For a video on this feature go to youtube and type Pioneer AV receivers - Advanced Video Adjust and Stream Smoother

Full band phase control uses automatic measurements during the MCACC calibration Phase Control manages the time and phase response of the speakers to minimize the effect of additional sound delays, usually due to the filtering process of multi-channel recordings. By combining our AV receivers and speakers that support Phase Control, multi-channel sound is reproduced faithful to the original source. [...] For a video on this feature go to youtube and type Pioneer AV Receivers - Full Band Phase Control

What's included in the box

Class D3 Amplification

Channels: 9.2

130 W/ch (1kHz, THD .08% @ 8 ohm)

720 W All Channel Driven Power Output (1kHz, 1% THD, @ 8 ohms)

4 Ohm Speaker Compatible (no Current Limiting)


THX® Select 2 Plus

Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz

DTS-HD® Master Audio, DTS-ES, DTS® Neo:X - 9.1 Channel Surround

Digital Core Engine with Texas Instruments Aureus(tm) DSP

Hi-bit32 (96kHz) Audio and Jitter reduction

192 kHz/32-bit DAC's

Digital Filter Slow Mode (192kHz)

HDMI Audio Return Channel

Pioneer Advanced MCACC® Room Calibration

· 3D Time Axis Measurement

· Polarity Check

· Automatic Crossover Detection

· Reverb Before and After Calibration Results (OSD, AVNavigator,

· and iControlAV2012)

· Standing Wave Control

Pioneer Sound Enhancements

· Full Band Phase Control

· Auto Phase Control Plus/Phase Control Plus

· PQLS Bit-stream/Multi-Surround/2ch

· Sound Retriever Link

· Advanced Auto Sound Retriever (Multi-ch, ARC, AIR)

· Advanced Surround (15 + 1 Modes)

· Wide Surround Movie & Music

· Front Stage Surround Advance (Wide/Focus)

· Headphones Surround

· Virtual Speaker (Wide/Height/Depth/Surround Back)


HDMI 8 In / 2 Out

4k2k Passthrough

3D Ready (Blu-ray DiscTM, Broadcast, and Games)

Deep Color (36-bit), x.v. Color

1080p/24fps Scaler with Qdeo(tm)

1080p Transferring

Video Conversion to HDMI

Triple HD Noise Reduction

Advanced Video Adjust

Stream Smoother

Stream Smoother Link


AirPlay Compatible

DLNA Certified® (1.5)

Front MHL® Connect

Compatible with Windows® 7

Music File Playback via LAN/USB (WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC)

· 192 kHz/24-Bit Audio playback (WAV, FLAC)

SiriusXM(tm) Internet Radio*

Pandora® INTERNET Radio**

Internet Radio with vTuner®

Convenience Features

iPod Digital Transmission via Front USB Terminal

Charges iPod/iPhone/iPad, USB & Video Cable Supplied

iControlAV2012 Remote Control App Ready

· AV receiver and Blu-ray Disc player control from smartphone

· Sound Explorer

Air Jam App*** Ready (iOS/Android) (optional AS-BT200 adapter required)

· Share music and create playlists via Bluetooth connection

Wireless LAN Converter Ready (optional AS-WL300 required)

Aluminum Chassis

Auto Power Down

Power Save for HDMI Standby Through

AM/FM Tuner 63 Presets

Sleep Timer

Learning Remote Control (Luminous)


Zone 2 AV and Zone 3 Analog Audio Out

Firmware Update via Internet or USB

PC Set-Up with Remote IP Maintenance

AVNavigator for easy wiring and setup with PC or iPad

Graphic User Interface (GUI) with Album Artwork (HDMI only)

Detachable Power Cord


IR In x 2, IR Out x 1

12v Trigger x 2

11.2 Channel Preouts

Preout Mode

Zone Volume, Tone, and Balance


HDMI 7 In / 2 Out

Ethernet 1 In

AV (Composite) 4 In/1 Out

Audio 1 In (assignable)

Digital Coaxial 2 In (assignable)

Digital Optical 2 In (assignable)

Component Video 2 In (assignable)

Monitor Component 1 Out

Monitor Composite 1 Out

Zone 2 Analog Out with Zone 2

Subwoofer Out

Zone 3 Preouts

Dual Subwoofer Out


Bluetooth Adapter Port for AS-BT200

USB Charge Port for AS-WL300 Wireless Converter

IR In x 2, IR Out x 1

12v Trigger x 2, RS232


HDMI 1 In (assignable/ MHL)

USB/iPod Video In


Headphone Out


Power Requirements: AC 120 V/60 Hz

Estimated Power Consumption: 330 W

Standby Power Consumption: 0.1 W Standby

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I'm not an owner yet, but I've got a question.

The manual indicates that the SC-XX does not down-convert audio from the various digital input sources for use on the ZONE outputs.

If all my sources are connected via HDMI and I want to connect wireless headphones to this receiver utilizing one of the Zone outputs, do I need to additionally add L/R analog audio cables from all my sources?

This method allows me power on the system and use a remote to listen or not via headphones.

I didn't want to use the headphone jack, as this disables sound from the speakers and who wants to be fiddling with plugging/unplugging cables every night when kiddies go to sleep.

Is there a better way to connect headphones?

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To answer my own question, maybe all I need is to purchase a low cost HDE RCA A/V Adapter Cable for XBOX 360 or Gen RCA

Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 and plug it into the HDMI ZONE output.

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Hi Everyone,

I just got new Elite SC-65 and was surprised it is much lighter in weight than my previous 7 years old Elite VSX-36TX

In anyway, I plugged it in for the first time and have annoying buzzing noise coming from the top left. I am concern that it will interfere with my experience in the room because I completely isolated it from any possible surrounding noise and none of my other equipment make any noise.

I wonder if anyone has this noise or whether I got defective unit...?

Thank you,


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No such buzz on my sc-65. I'd suggest you return it if you're hearing a noticeable buzz.

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New to the site, so if i'm making an error posting here please let me know.

I have an SC-65 and am having a problem with using zone 2 preout with a sonamp amp to power my speakers. I have too many speakers in my house for the existing speaker terminals on the sc65 that is why i'm using the sonamp. I have the sonamp sonance amp connected with RCA cables to the zone 2 out on the 65 and my speakers are connected into the amp. I'm not getting any sound out of the speakers.

For testing purposes I attached a self powered speaker to the zone 2 outputs on the tuner and get no sound there either. Even with this test at this point I'm unsure if the receiver is not outputting sound or if the sonamp is not working.

Hoping i'm missing a step on the zone 2 setup that someone here may know. I've re-read the manual multiple times to no affect. Thanks for any help.

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Hello everyone! I a happy camper with my SC-65! The Hi-Bit 32 scaling is awesome! It allows me to rediscover my music library, like if it were brand new!

Since I'm a DIY kind of a guy, I am searching for a Service Manual? With schematic diagrams?

I've been ridiculed on diyAudio for sharing my passion about Pioneer, but who really cares?

Here's my intro which might as well serve here as well?

Kool Audio Designs and/or Kind And Dedicated and/or Kick Ass Dude? Maybe all and more?

Well I got the upgradeitis bug at a young age. Around nine, my mom brought me back a 25-in-1 electronic kit where one could build 25 projects with various parts, spring loaded no less. She was attending a conference in Vancouver, when she returned to Montreal; what a gift! She planted the seed for my passion towards electronics, mathematics, science, especially computer sciences.

However as a hobby, I always return to electronics and audio, I don’t know why?

So as a dinosaur from the seventies, I had the opportunity to build a few of these:

- Dynakit ST70 tube amp

- Heathkit AR-29 receiver

- Heathkit AA-1640 amp

- Heathkit speakers (I forget the model)

- SWTPC 202-C Headset Amplifier

- SWTPC Psychedelia 1 and Psychedelia 2 color organs

- SWTPC 198/A preamp

- SWTPC Tiger .01 amps

- SWTPC Tigersaurus 250 amps

- SWTPC Dynamic Range Expander

- SWTPC Guitar and Instrument preamp

- SWTPC Stereo Octave Equalizer

- SWTPC Stereo Compressor-Expander

In addition to loads of other stuff:

Oscilloscopes, function generators, AF & RF generators, signal tracers, EICO tube tester, EICO Variac, then went into computers hardware & software & real-time embedded electronics.

My current home theater is composed of:

- Pioneer Elite SC-65, Pioneer Elite SC-61, Pioneer Elite VSX-27TX, Pioneer Elite VSX-95 receivers (mainly for the bi-amps, except the SC-65 with its Hi-Bit 32-bit upscaling of audio signals. Wow what a difference it makes!)

- Pioneer SX-1250 receiver

- Rotel 400 W amp

- Pioneer Elite Pro-510HD HDTV

- Samsung UN55ES7100F HDTV

- Pioneer HPM 150 main and Pioneer HPM100 rear speakers

- Bob Carver’s True Subwoofer MKii

- Sunfire TS-EQ12 subwoofer

- Celestion Ditton 66 surround

- Celestion Ditton 100 (4) of them center

- Energy Veritas (Klipsh) Dolby height

- Design Accoustics PS88 Dolby wide

- Technics SBA-11 XL & XR

- Technics SP1400 MK2 + AudioTechnica cartridge

- Oracle / Lynn tonearm / Grado cartridge

- DBX dynamic range expander

Plus various ribbon tweeters, dome midrange horn loaded titanium 2” voice coil 96 oz magnet (on the midrange), and a smorgasbord of tweaks, enhancements etc… All bi-tri-amplified with custom-built precision active 3rd order butterworth crossovers, hence the need for so many amps. Now I’m pushing over 10,000 watts RMS continuous not for loudness, but for transient peaks, clarity, definition, low-distortion, and all the right reasons. 5700 W RMS just for (2) subwoofers resulting in 120+ dB @ 16Hz with very little distortion. A compass would be disoriented at my house. And it sounds just right! Onto anything, be it classical, jazz, rock, or dub-step. Movies are awesome. What I like about it, is that it sounds so different with each source of input.

A Windows 8 Pro / MediaCenter kick ass HTPC with ultra-low-signal-to-noise ratio served by a media/file server based on Windows Server 2012 are the computer tidbits.

It is only now that I realize the mistake of selling most of my precious SWTPC equipment to long time gone friends 40 years ago…

So I stumbled onto these dyiAudio forums, while searching for a schematic to the SWTPC #202-C Headset class A amp. Yeah, I realized how atrocious a .FLAC sounded on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone via my Sony XBA-3 earbuds, when it should have sounded so sweet… Simply plugging them into the Pioneer Elite VS-65 was an eye opener! Mainly due to the 32-bit upscaling I suppose? So now I need to build an ultra-linear high-performance low-distortion headphone amp… Sure I could buy one, but why? I like to tinker. And I think I’m in good company here. To learn and share and have fun.

All the best everyone!
The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.

~ Leo Buscaglia

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PIONEER SC 65 Apple lossless, AIFF and gapless playback update NOW available on Pioneer website!

Please note pioneer doesnt mention anything about the new UPDATE you have to click on firmware/software update and click on firmware change change history to see its available then SC-65 Firmware Update to process the update. Not sure why Pioneer is being so secretive. I tested out the ALAC (apple lossless) and AIFF and they sound amazing!

Ver 1-203-084-513-160

- Support the following features.

1. Support Apple lossless file

2. Support AIFF file

3. Support gapless play feature

- iPod nano connectivity improvement.

- Other improvement.


- The setting for Favorite, Account information(SiriusXM/Pandora) and Airjam reset to the factory

default after the update. (Receiver which is updated from Ver 1-197-084-512-153 is not initialized.)

Write down these settings before the update as they may need to be set up again.

- This version is not available via the Internet.

Please use an update file which is downloaded from PIONEER website. And please download via USB memory to

update your receiver to the latest version.

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I just bought an SC-65 and I love it. I finally figured out that I needed to set my BD player to play HD audio. Now the only issue I have that I cannot figure out is why when I am watching satelite TV (DirecTV) when I change between channels the delay is like 5-10 seconds. It sort of drives me insane. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I am new to the forum but have enjoyed everyone's comments!


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i have an update to my issue. 1, the dip switches on my amp were not set correctly, although the manual said to do them one way, it was the opposite on the dir dip switch that fixed it. On the receiver side i had to set the speaker setup to 9.1ch setting not 7.1 ch +zone2 to get output from the zone 2 pre outs. Now I'm trying to get airplay to work. My sc-65 does not show on my apple devices to select for airplay.

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All your sources that are hdmi will not down convert to analog. I have an sc-65 and just went thru this. You have to do rca cables from your devices to the tuner to get analog output to zone 2. This is with using an amp from the preouts for zone 2. The volume level from the rca connected devices is low as well, i'm working on that currently as the 65 has a lot of volume level controls.
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