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official ps3 bluetooth headset

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i have been looking around a couple places checking prices for the official headset. so far i think the Endwar Bundle has the best price on ebay. any websites i should check out for cheap prices on either the Socom or endwar bundle? or just the headset alone?
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The Endwar Bundle is available at Target (YMMV) for $24.48 right now. Check the Official PS3 Deals thread for the link.
yeah i saw that. unfortunately all of the targets in my area did not even have the game in stock.
Saw at the CAG forums that some BB's had a manager's special Socom w/headset for $30 I think.
thanks for the info. i ended getting a new Endwar Bundle for 30 shipped on ebay. didnt think it was too bad. endwar is just a bonus.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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