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Movie Fights is a fantastic weekly YouTube show that is brought to us by the Screen Junkies. You may know them from the awesome Honest Trailers that they do.

The show is hosted by Andy Signore, who also acts as mediator and judge. Each week, three guests debate over various movie news and topics.

I love this show and hope you enjoy it too. They basically debate the questions we movie buffs/nerds all do.

The show continues to evolve for the better, because the creators and producers actually listen to the viewers and continually try to improve.

I'll keep a catalogue going of all the episodes and do my best to update the list on Sunday's when a new episode is released.

Episode #1

12 Oct 2014

Should They Reboot Ghostbusters?
Should Sony's Spider-Man Join Marvel's The Avengers?
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man vs. Marc Webb's Spider-Man?
Gone Girl - Great or Overrated?
What's David Fincher's Best Film?
Should William Shatner Be in Star Trek 3?
Should We Be Excited for Tomorrowland?
Could Rush Hour Be A Decent TV Show?
Does An Iron Man 4 Need Robert Downey Jr.?
Whats The Best Comic Book TV Show? (Arrow vs. The Flash vs. Gotham vs Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D vs The Walking Dead)

Episode #2

19 Oct 2014

Can DC Be as Popular as Marvel?
When Will Marvel Fail?
Which DC Movie is Most Exciting?
Which DC Character Needs a Movie?
Which Marvel Character Needs a Movie?
Who Should be Dr. Strange?
Captain America vs. Iron Man?
Justice League Dream Director?
Best Batman?
Old X-Men vs. New X-Men?

Episode #3

26 Oct 2014

Who Will Dominate the 2015 Box Office - Star Wars or Avengers: Age of Ultron?
Best Keanu Reeves Movie?
Can We Take Johnny Depp Seriously Anymore?
Terminator Genisys: Should Arnold Be In It?
Do We Want a New Pee-Wee Movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Christmas Movie or Halloween Movie? Can A Movie Based On A Board Game Be Any Good?
Best Slasher Franchise: Nightmare on Elm St vs. Halloween vs. Friday the 13th vs. Scream vs. Child's Play vs. Saw?

Episode #4

2 Nov 2014

What Phase 3 Marvel Movie Are You Most Excited For?
Avengers Infinity War Split Into 2 Parts? Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Who Should Play Captain Marvel?
Which Avenger Should Retire First?
Which Marvel Villains Should Appear in Phase 3?
Should Captain America Winter Soldier Be Nominated For Best Picture?
Who Should Play Joker In A Potential Batman Solo Movie?
Can Seth Rogen Pull Off A Dramatic Role?
Most Overrated Movie Of The Last Decade?

Episode #5

9 Nov 2014

Do We Like The Star Wars Episode 7 Title?
Does Interstellar Live Up To The Hype?
Best Director In The World Today?
Best Movie Trilogy of All Time?
Should Fast & The Furious End With Furious 7?
Should Andy Serkis be Nominated For An Oscar?
Do We Actually Need Toy Story 4?
Best Disney Animated Movie?

Episode #6

16 Nov 2014

What Do You Think of the Rumored Cast of Suicide Squad?
Is There Any Hope for the New Fantastic Four?
What Other Movie Should Live on as a Cable Show?
Can M. Night Shyamalan Make a Comeback?
Best Chris: Pine, Hemsworth, Evans or Pratt?
Best Tarantino Film?
Who is the Best Sidekick of all Time?
Best Movie Soundtrack?

Episode #7

23 Nov 2014

Do the Hunger Games Movies Suck?
Which Major Superhero Would Win the Hunger Games?
Best Third Installment of a Franchise?
Do We Need Young Cyclops and Jean Grey in X:Men Apocalypse?
Dream Arnold Schwarzenegger Sequel?
Can the CGI Peanuts Movie be any Good?
Which Disney Animated Film Should be Made Into a Live Action Movie?
Best Ensemble Cast in a Movie?

Episode #8

30 Nov 2014

What Should a Star Wars Spinoff Be Based On?
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Best Movie to Represent Humanity to Aliens?
Which Director Can Make a Good Transformers Film?
Best Christmas Movie?
Best Movie Trailer of All Time?
Which Movie Character Would You Want to Be Best Friends With?
Which Movie Would You Reboot?

Episode #9

7 Dec 2014

Best moment of the Star Wars Episode 7 teaser?
New Star Wars lightsaber: like or dislike?
Does the Terminator: Genisys trailer excite us?
Most unnecessary sequel of all time?
Best James Bond?
Greatest movie death scene?
Best actor to join a superhero franchise?
Which property should Marvel Studios get back?

Episode #10

14 Dec 2014

Best Ridley Scott Movie?
Who Should Direct Star Trek 3?
What Ninja Turtles Character Needs to be in the TMNT Movies?
Will the New Mad Max Movie be Better Than the Old Ones?
What is the Ultimate Movie Crossover?
Who Should Al Pacino Play in the Marvel Universe?
Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movie?
Best Film Adaptation of a Book?

Episode #11

21 Dec 2014

Do you agree with Sony's decision to cancel The Interview?
Best movie that bombed at the box office?
Best movie marathon?
What video game should made into a movie?
Best movie musical?
Best Ian McKellan movie?
Who should play Spider-Man if the rights revert back to Marvel?
What franchise should Michael Bay produce?

Episode #12

28 Dec 2014

Best movie of 2014?
Worst movie of 2014?
Best performance of 2014?
Which actor/actress are we tired of?
Best movie weapon of all time?
Best movie catch phrase?
Best opening scene from a movie?
Worst movie ending?
Tie-Breaker Speed Round

Episode #13

11 Jan 2015

Are we excited by the Ant-Man trailer?
Best Liam Neeson movie?
Do we want a Gambit solo film with Channing Tatum?
Best year in the history of cinema?
What would be a great movie ride?
What TV show would you want to see on an IMAX screen?
Best Tim Burton Movie?
Worst Ben Affleck Movie?
Speed Round

Episode #14

18 Jan 2015

Worst 2015 Oscar Snub?
What film should win Best Picture?
Best Performance from a 2015 Oscar Nominated Actor or Actress?
Do we really need more Avatar sequels?
Best biographical movie?
Pitch Chris Hemsworth’s next movie?
Worst Johnny Depp performance?
Speed round

Episode #15

25 Jan 2015

Recast a comic book movie role?
Should George Lucas have any say in the new Star Wars?
Which film would have been better if its original director had made it?
Best performance by a musician-turned-actor?
What’s the best movie of 1995?
Best use of product placement in a film?
What film do you wish had bombed?
Speed round

Episode #16

1 Feb 2015

Fantastic Four Trailer – Did the trailer get us excited about the new movie?
Should a Fantastic Four movie be so serious?
Ghostbusters cast – What do you think of the cast – exciting or expected ?
What's the best reboot of all time?
Who should play the Beast?
The Super Bowl is this weekend – what's the best sports movie of all time?
Do we want an Indiana Jones Reboot?
Speed Round

Episode #17

8 Feb 2015

Do the Hobbit movies suck?
Best Action Movie Franchise?
Best Nic Cage movie since The Rock?
Who is the best action star since the 1980s?
What is the best Steven Spielberg film?
Best movie with "movie" in the title?
Should Back to the Future get a reboot?
Worst movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture?
Speed Round

Episode #18

15 Feb 2015

Pitch the next Spider-man solo film?
X-Men character in MCU?
Best SNL skit turned into a movie?
Worst first date movie?
Movie Character for President?
Should there be a Spaceballs 2?
Best comedy sequel?
Speed Round

Episode #19

22 Feb 2015

Best movie of 2014 that didn’t receive any Oscar nominations?
Best film never nominated for Best Picture?
New Aquaman costume?
Ultimate DC/Marvel Crossover Movie?
Actor/Actress that should be in Neill Blomkamp’s Alien?
Best Time Travel Movie?
Best movie world to be trapped in for a month?
Speed Round

Episode #20

1 Mar 2015

Should the Power Rangers movie be like the short film?
Kids' property that needs a hard edged reboot?
Best film starring Will Smith?
Best movie tagline?
Bring back one movie star from the dead?
Best movie with the character's name in the title?
Best movie heroine?
Speed round

Episode #21

8 Mar 2015

Have we seen too much of Avengers Age of Ultron from the trailers?
Pitch the perfect end credits scene for Avengers 2?
Who would win in a fight: Spider-Man or Iron Man?
What is the best movie robot?
What is the best movie with Jeff Goldblum in it?
Pitch a new action franchise with The Rock as the star?
Best Disney villain?
Speed round
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