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With this set premiering at CES 2011 and about to make its retail debut, it was time to start a dedicated thread.

Post settings, tweaks, thoughts and all general information regarding the NX720 series.

Here are the specs for the 55", taken directly from SONYSTYLE.CA

Product Specifications


•Video Signal : 1080/24p (HDMI™ only), 1080/60i, 1080/60p (HDMI™ / Component), 720/60p, 480/60i, 480/60p

Video Features

•24p True Cinema™ Technology : Yes

•3D Comb Filter : Yes

•4:3 Default : Yes

•Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) : Yes

•Auto Wide : Yes

•Blinking Type : Frame Blinking

•CineMotion® Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology : Yes

•Deep Color : Yes

•Intelligent Image Enhancer : Yes

•Intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes

•Live Color™ Technology : Yes

•Motionflow™ Technology : XR 240

•PhotoTV HD : Yes

•Picture Mode : Vivid, Standard, Photo-Vivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom, Cinema, Game-Standard, Game-Original, Graphics, Sports, Animation

•Video Processing : X-Reality™ Engine

•Wide Mode : Full, Normal, Wide Zoom, Zoom, Caption, Normal/Full1/Full2 for PC


•Aspect Ratio : 16:9

•Display Resolution : Full HD 1080p

•Dynamic Contrast Ratio : Infinite4

•Panel Frequency : 120Hz

•Screen Size (measured diagonally) : 55" (54.6")

•Viewing Angle (Right/Left) : 178 (89/89)

•Viewing Angle (Up/Down) : 178 (89/89)


•Audio Power Output : 10W + 10W + 10W

•Speaker Configuration : 2.1

•Speaker Position : Rear Facing

3D Features

•2D to 3D Conversion : Yes

•3D : Yes

•3D Sync Transmitter Integrated : Yes

Display Features

•Backlight Type : Dynamic Edge LED

•Display Device : LCD

•OptiContrast Panel : Yes

Audio Features

•5.1 Channel Audio Out : Yes

•5.1ch Through Out (Handycam) : Yes

•Alternate Audio (Digital) : Yes

•Audio Out : Fixed/Variable

•Auto Mute (on no signal) : Yes

•Auto SAP : Yes

•Clear Phase Speaker : Yes

•Dolby® : Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse

•Headphone/Speaker Link : Yes

•Invisible Speaker (w/Sound Elevation) : Yes

•S-Master : Yes

•Sony Original Surround : S-Force Front Surround 3D

•Sound Booster : Yes

•Sound Enhancer : Yes

•Sound Mode : Dynamic, Standard, Clear Voice, Custom

•Stereo System : MTS

•Surround Effect : Cinema, Sports, Music, Game


•Power Consumption (in Download Acquisition Mode) : 0.02kWh / Day

•Power Consumption (in Operation) max. : 181W

•Power Consumption (in Standby) : 0.20W (120V) / 0.30W (240V)

•Power Requirements (frequency) : 60Hz

•Power Requirements (voltage) : AC 120V

Service and Warranty Information

•Limited Warranty Term : 1Year Labor / 1 Year Parts

Regulation and Standards Compliance

•VESA® Hole Pitch : 300 x 300 mm

•VESA® Hole Spacing Compatible : Yes

Sensing Features

•Intelligent Presence Sensor : Yes

•LightSensor™ Technology : Yes

•Presence Sensor with Face Detection : Yes

Network Features

•BRAVIA® Internet Video : Yes

•BRAVIA® Internet Widgets : Yes

•DLNA : Yes

•HTML Browser : Yes

•Media Remote : Yes (Firmware Update Required)

•Photo MAP : Yes

•Skype™ : Yes

•TrackID : Yes

•Video Search : Yes

•What's New : Yes (Firmware Update Required)

•Wi-Fi Certified : Yes

•Wi-Fi Direct : Yes (Firmware Update Required)

•Wireless LAN : Integrated

General Features

•Audio Return Channel : Yes

•Closed Captions (CC) : Analog, Digital

•Finish (Surface Color) : Black

•HDMI™ InstaPort : Yes

•New GUI : Yes

•Start Up Sony Logo Display : Yes

Weights and Measurements

•Dimensions (Approx.) : 50 1/2 x 30 1/2 x 1 1/8" (1281 x 774 x 27mm) without stand; 50 1/2 x 31 3/4 x 12 1/4" (1281 x 805 x 308mm) with stand

•Packaging (Approx.) : 56 3/8 x 35 7/8 x 6 5/8" (1431 x 911 x 168mm), 78 lbs (36 Kg)

•Weight (Approx.) : 50.9 lbs (23.1 Kg) without stand; 62.4 lbs (28.3 Kg) with stand

Design Features

•6 degree Upward Style : Yes

•Illuminated Sony Logo : Yes

•Monolithic Design : Yes

•Stand Swivel : Yes

•Stand Swivel Range : Left 20°/Right 20°

•Stand Tilt : Yes

•Stand Tilt Range : 0°- 6° Flexible

Energy Saving & Efficiency

•Backlight Off Mode : Yes

•Dynamic Backlight Control : Yes

•Energy Saving Switch : Yes

•Energy Star® compliant : Yes (Exceeds v5.0)

•Power Consumption (On Mode) for Energy Star : 66W

•Power Consumption (Standby Mode) for Energy Star : 0.20W

Broadcast Features

•TV Guide On-Screen : Yes

Convenience Features

•Auto Shut-off : Yes

•BRAVIA® Sync™ : Yes

•Channel Block (with password) : Analog & Digital

•Channel Jump : Yes

•Channel Surf : Yes

•Control for HDMI™ (HDMI™ CEC) : Yes

•Distance Alert : Yes

•Edit Channel Labels : Yes

•Info Banner : Yes

•Input Skip : Automatic

•Label Inputs : Yes

•Multiple Language Display : English, French, Spanish

•On-Screen Clock : Yes

•On-Screen Display for External Input : Yes

•On-Screen Operating Instructions : Yes

•On/Off Timer : Yes

•PAP (Fixed or Variable) : PAP(Variable)

•PIP (Picture in Picture) : Yes

•Parental Control : Yes

•Picture Adjustments Lock : Yes

•Picture Frame Mode : Yes

•Position Control : Yes

•Quick Start & Viewing : Yes

•Scene Select : Photo, Music, Cinema, Game, Graphics, Sports, Animation

•Show/Hide Channels : Yes

•Skin Naturalizer : Yes

•Sleep Timer : Yes

•Twin Picture : PAP (Variable)

•USB Application(s) : Yes

Inputs and Outputs

•AC Power Input : 1 (Rear)

•Analog Audio Input(s) (Total) : 2 (Adaptor/Bottom)

•Audio Out : 1(Side) Hybrid w/HP

•Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : 1 (Adaptor/Bottom/Hybrid)

•Composite Video Input(s) : 2 (Adaptor/Bottom/1 Hybrid )

•Digital Audio Output(s) : 1 (Side)

•Ethernet Connection(s) : 1 (Bottom)

•HDMI™ Connection(s) (Total) : 4 (2 Side/2 Bottom)

•HDMI™ PC Input : Yes

•Headphone Output(s) : 1(Side) Hybrid w/Audio out

•PC In (D-Sub) + Audio In (Stereo Mini) : D-Sub 1 (Side), Mini 1 (Side)

•RF Connection Input(s) : 1 (Bottom)

•USB 2.0 : 2 (Side)

TV System

•Channel Coverage : VHF: 2-13, UHF: 14-69, CATV: 1-135

•Color System : NTSC

•Number of Tuners (Analog) : 1(Hybrid)

•Number of Tuners (Digital) : 1(Hybrid)

•TV System (Analog) : M

•TV System (Digital) : ATSC

•Tuner (Cable) : Clear QAM

•Tuner (Terrestrial) : ATSC

In the Box

•Table Top Stand (separate, assembly required)

•Remote Control (RM-YD061)

3D Glasses (TDG-BR250/TDG-BR200/TDG-BR100/TDG-BR50).......NO LONGER INCLUDED

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I am proud to say that I will be receiving the KDL60NX720 as a replacement for a defective 60XBR1 through Sony Canada. It should be shipping Later this month or early next month...woo hoo

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Hi Redoryx,

Congrats, on getting in the queue for a replacement TV.

I'm in Canada as well and my 60XBR2 is showing signs of optical block problems again (had the OB replaced three times) In the past when I had the problem before, I called a local company and provided them with invoice and warranty information so they came and established it was an optical block problem so they ordered everything and then came a couple of weeks later and replaced the OB.

I think this time I'd like to go for the replacement option and feel the KDL60NX720 sound like a perfect replacement option for me.

Can you please provide some information on how you went about getting to the point you are right now? If you dealt with someone specific, can you provide the phone number and name of the person who handled your case?

PS: If you think, you'd rather not post that information here then please PM me and let me know you've sent me a message...

Thanks in advance for your help

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Sony has offered me a KDL60EX720 to replace my 60A2000. I will stay subscribed to this thread. I am very excited.

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Originally Posted by stustan /forum/post/20262147

Sony has offered me a KDL60EX720 to replace my 60A2000. I will stay subscribed to this thread. I am very excited.

Hm, but the thread is about NX...

Anyhow, those that might have owned an EX vs NX - how noticeable is the difference between Dynamic Edge LED vs. Edge LED ?

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Oops my bad. I guess I was too giddy to read the thread header properly.

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Just asked Sony to upgrade their replacement offer from the 60EX720 to the 60NX720. I would love to have "local dimming". My fingers are crossed. Hope to join you guys in a settings discussion soon.

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Weird.....The price on the 60" is higher in Canada than the US, But the 55" is Higher in the US than in Canada?????

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Hello Testing_XP,

I am Evelyn Perez from Sony electronics with the SonyListens Team in USA. I do apologize for your issue and would like to direct you to [email protected] in Canada. Please include your contact information in your e-mail.

Best Regards,

Evelyn Perez

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Has anybody in the US been offered the NX720 for the optical block program. I want my EX720 offer upgraded, but I have had no luck when talking to Sony.

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So even though it has Motionflow 240, it's still a 120Hz panel? (Panel frequency: 120Hz)?

I thought Motionflow 240 sets operate at 240hz, even with the motion enhancements turned off???

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The NX720 has "Motionflow XR 240" and it is different from the old "Motionflow 240Hz"....(the "Hz" is gone)

The "Motionflow XR 240" is the same as last year's ""Motionflow 120Hz pro" used in NX710

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That sucks! LOL @ your sig. I'm guessing you're not a Sony fan?

So the only "true" 240Hz panels this year would be... the NX820 and 929??? Is that right?

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Originally Posted by XciteMe83 /forum/post/20304279

That sucks! LOL @ your sig. I'm guessing you're not a Sony fan?

So the only "true" 240Hz panels this year would be... the NX820 and 929??? Is that right?

Holy Bear has a mixed personality

His not a hater, at least... not atm.

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My replacement 60EX720 arrived yesterday. I am extremely happy after spending a couple of hours tweaking the settings. I do not notice any flickering of strobing. I watched hockey and did not notice any motion blur or any artifacts, except for cable (Versus Network) compression. The set shows minor flash lighting using the picture presets, but only on screens without an image. The preset settings show only a "tinge" of flash lighting during an end credit sequence...white text on black. My custom settings show no flash lighting. I am very pleased there are so few visual distractions, however viewing angle is not as wide as my old SXRD.

The blacks seem deeper than my old 60A2000 ever were. Contrast is huge and looks great. I found settings that mimic the sets standard preset in color "pop" that doesn't crush the blacks and leaves detail in shadow areas, without a "milky look".

All of my above tweaking and descriptions are based upon cable content (Cablevision thru Scientific Atlanta 8300HD -> Emotiva UMC-1 Pre-Processor -> TV)

I will tweak more this weekend with Blu-Rays and set-up disks from my PS3. I did a one hour stint with Fallout New Vegas and it was spectacular. Never ever looked that good on my old set. I saw environmental details so much more clearly and defined. I never knew how much the image quality had slowly declined on my old set.

3D is low on my totem pole so I cannot comment yet, I need to get glasses first. 2D is wonderful on the60EX720. I personally have never seen an amazing 3D image on a television yet. 3D in a theater is amazing to me though!

I was hoping to upgrade my set to the "soon to be shipped" 60NX720 with "local dimming" but my 60EX720 arrived the day I sent my request....oh well....I am not disappointed, I am very happy with this set.

I will post later next week after a Blu-ray weekend.

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Originally Posted by XciteMe83 /forum/post/20304279

That sucks! LOL @ your sig. I'm guessing you're not a Sony fan?

So the only "true" 240Hz panels this year would be... the NX820 and 929??? Is that right?

I think HX929 / HX820 / HX720 all have 240HZ panels....

I like the "old" Sony better...
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