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Now the company has confirmed pricing on the M series and they're some of the least expensive 4K TVs on the market.

It has also "introduced details behind" the high-end Reference series TVs that debuted at CES 2014, but didn't mention availability--although Vizio.com currently says the 65-inch model will start at $4000. They will apparently be the first TVs with Dolby Vision HDR.

The M series official prices are almost exactly the same as the unofficial, leaked prices from two months ago. The biggest exception is the 50-inch size, which will sell for $799 instead of the leaked price of $899. Here's the full list.


Model Size Release date Price
M80-C3 80-inch Later in 2015 $3,999
M75-C1 75-inch Later in 2015 $2,999
M70-C3 70-inch April-May $2,199
M65-C1 65-inch April-May $1,699
M60-C3 60-inch Now $1,499
M55-C2 55-inch Now $999
M50-C1 50-inch April-May $799
M49-C1 49-inch April-May $769
M43-C1 43-inch Now $599

All of the 2015 M series TVs use the same kind of direct ("full-array") local dimming backlights that helped their 2014 predecessors achieve such impressive black level performance. All sizes have the same have 32 zones of backlight dimming, aside from the 43-incher which has 28 zones.

The 60-inch and larger TVs have a "240Hz effective refresh rate" spec, while the smaller models all have a "120Hz effective refresh rate" spec. Since there are no native 240Hz 4K TVs, Vizio has confirmed that those "effective"s indicate that the smaller sets have 60Hz panels while the larger ones have 120Hz panels, and backlight scanning is somehow responsible for the doubled Hz numbers. It's the same kind of fake refresh rate trickery Vizio and LG have been employing for years.

Just like the P series from 2014, the M series will have 5 HDMI ports that can accept 4K sources, but only one will be HDMI 2.0 compatible and able to accept 4K sources at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile three of the five will offer HDCP 2.2 copy protection. The M series can stream 4K from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, like all major-name 4K sets, and also has an app for UltraFlix.

We look forward to reviewing the new M series soon.


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calling 32 zones "full array" on an 80" panel is pretty pathetic.
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