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Oh Boy! Another Ebay Scam!

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I continue to be astonished by the arrogance of scammers, and this one especially.

Look at this auction: 5649267242 and then this completed one: 5840196615. Sure look identical to me. Seller registers December 22, steals the title, description and photos from a legitimate auction and adds a price of $3100, much less than the legitimate auction garnered, if you are willing to buy it off Ebay. I'm certain he'll sell a dozen. He made a mistake in that he set the auction duration to 7 days.

Does this technique ever work? Anyone know someone taken in by such a scheme? I'd like some extra cash - maybe I could do the same. Just one taker allows me to afford that pj from Curt I've been thinking about.
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I've been thinking the same thing.... :rolleyes:

If it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing it.

OK....last time a group of us sent "message to seller" and to e bay about the scam and it was removed with 24hrs......

The sad thing is that someone could easily be HAD on this on.

there is a second Hoax running at the same time....

the same set of pictures and advert.....I will see if I can find it.....

this is also a very elaborate hoax , if you click on the buy it now its a false ebay page....

Someone take the time to write a message to seller and copy it here......

We should all then send a copy to the seller they soon get the idea that the world is on thier case.......
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5845405477 is the other version !!!!!!!
Go to here (this is the UK site)


Select "Listing Violations"

Select "fraudulent listing" then "report a listing you think is fraudulent"

Then select "email" and it will allow you to mail ebay with a fraudulent listing.

You can copy and paste the following

into enter item number

5845405477 , 5649267242

into enter your question/concern

The TWO above listings are without question a direct copy of this listing 5840196615. They are both without question a Hoax and should be removed to avoid future issues.

These 2 items do not exist with these sellers.

It is NOT possible for this item to be on sale in 2 different places at the same time.

Thank you for you time.

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happy_16 ebay member has been a member for 3 year and 6 months !!! never bought or sold anything and now the 1209s and a pair of B&W 805's

decreciun06 a ONE day old account.......

And here is a useful page where you can be sent the sellers address -



I have address of both sellers on route to me......

OH and worry no more about the high bidder !!!!!!

Charlie is my imaginary friend :D

though it would also appear I have reached his bidding limits ;)
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Some pranksters have bid this auction up to $10,100. I assume they'll eventually withdraw their bids - I hope they remember that bids must be withdrawn at least 12 hours before auction end.
Those rascals....

They need to be rounded up and send to Nigeria..

This items has been reported (lots) and should be pulled shortly. :D
Originally Posted by alan halvorson
Some pranksters have bid this auction up to $10,100. I assume they'll eventually withdraw their bids - I hope they remember that bids must be withdrawn at least 12 hours before auction end.
You mean I got outbid !

That is a shame, I went to $10,000 on every one of their items....

I dont bother to pull the bids.......

Charlies-Cash in my alta flea bay ego.....

I also use Scam_Item at the last minute....

I started to notice that sellers pulling a fast one removed bids from my scam_item ID so I only use that at the last mo....

Im gonna see who out bid me.......

I also think e bay act quicker if they see loads of high bids.......
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So when you bid on these items ebay gives you the chance to find out more aout the seller.....


User ID: decreciun06

Name: Jessie Lyn Bartolome


City: Los Angeles

County: CA

Country: United States

Phone: (213) 385-5413

Registered Since: Friday, 23 Dec, 2005 03:41:53 GMT

And this as well on the SECOND seller of the same item....

Dear ************ and happy_16 ,

This message is an automated reply to a contact information request made by ****************.

This request is related to item # 5845405477.

Important Usage Guidelines

1. This contact information should only be used for resolving matters related to eBay. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

2. Use of this information to complete a transaction outside of eBay is not permitted. Items purchased outside of eBay are not eligible for eBay services.

Contact Information for happy_16 :

User ID: happy_16

Name: Charles S Schwartz


City: Crown Point

County: IN

Country: United States

Phone: (219) 663-2197

Registered Since: Friday, 14 Jun, 2002 02:09:17 GMT


FUNNY THING IS THIS........IF these are the correct info.........

I sent each seller a very very detailed message of what was going to happen to them for this crime against others! Obviously I added that FACT that I knew where they lived....they of course would think "yeah right" till e bay informed them that they had given their details out .....did I mention the "paranoid" section of my message.

Happy Crimbo to them both :p

Of course there is the chance that the older account has been hijacked but the new 1 day old account, they should be shot!
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