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OH NO!! My Barco Multidata just died!

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Hi all.

The wife and I have a Barco 33" monitor that we use for everything

from Gamecube to HD. Yes, I know it's bit off-topic, but I think this is

the best place, regarding that it's an older, professional monitor.

My wife was watching X-Files on it, when it, according to her, just said

snap, and went dead. Nothing happens when we try to power it up, ONLY

the 'boooiing' of some picture tubes(please reply if you know what I mean)

No diodes, no nothing. I tried changing the fuses in the PSU, no luck.

My wife is EXTREMELY happy with this set, but I have a feeling that it's

going to be real hard getting spareparts or a new set.

Can anyone help?

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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