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oh oh...Textured Screen Goo screen.

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Hi..So yestreday I spent all day Goo-ing my 106inch BO screen.

Digital Grey Basecoat, and Digital Grey Lite Top Coat, using a HVLP sprayer and a 30-gallon compressor.

So after the initial basecoat application, I noticed the screen was slightly textured. So i diluted the basecoat more and applied the second coat. I noticed the paint was being applied more evenly now. But the texture on the screen was still there. I figured once the topcoat is one and everything has dried and settled in, perhaps it won't be so noticeable.

So I applied two coats of the top coat, which was alot easier to apply than the basecoat, and it was a very smooth application compared to the basecoat.

Now when I get close to the screen, I still see the texture of the basecoat paint.

Its like small hairs sticking out of the screen (small particles). How bad is this?

Should I sand the screen? and if I do, do I need to re-apply the basecoat again? or just the topcoat?

The screen is still in my garage, and I have not plugged in the projector to see if I can see any texture on the screen once theres an image on it, but the texture os only visible when I get close to the screen. Please advise.


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According to their website, "A rolled Goo screen will have a slightly bumpy or "orange peel" texture to it. This is entirely normal. Do not attempt to sand or otherwise smooth the surface as this will compromise the performance of the screen."

Goo Tip 7a

Not sure if this applies to sprayed, but obviously some texture is ok.

Well, when you run your fingers over the screen, it has a sand paper-ish feel to it, where the screen looks like its a glass beaded screen, but with smaller beads.

Its not very smooth, but then again I guess its not meant to be very smooth. I'll check again tonight when I get home, and possible take some close up pics as well. Thanks.
my screen which is NOT goo but painted does have a very very light feel of roughness again very very very light-- it does not feel smooth like glass and PICTURE IS PERFECT.
Originally Posted by asem111
Hi..So yestreday I spent all day Goo-ing my 106inch BO screen.
What material did you goo? I want to create a 106" goo screen, but I can't find material large enough without making a seam.
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