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ohio setup

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current setup..

2 paradigm dsp 3200 subs

2 swan M6T towers

swan M6C center

2 klipsch s2 surrounds

42 lg on a floater

outlaw 990 processor

emotiva XPA-5 amp

samsung BDP1600 bluray

URC MX 6000

ill post pics later
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sounds nice,but please post photos if u can,don't want the photo officer come knocking.
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Sounds real nice....looking forward to pics.
Alright guys heres the photos. Dont mind the wires have to pull some moulding. To hide them the right way..

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Cool. More pics please. lol
heres the correct pics. the last one is a decent shot of the main area.
Nice setup,only a 3.2 system? i didn't seen any surrounds. *edit* never mind i saw the 2 surrounds in your post. I bet the two subs kicks hard when it's activated
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Gorgeous speakers. Are you a two channel fan? I bet music sounds really nice through them.
It sounds pretty good. Two channel and 5.2 I listen to a lot of both. Between the swans and paradigm yes the sq is great and awesome bass too. Will be finishing off with the matching surrounds soon.
Great looking set-up. I'm loving the swans. I'm sure the emotiva really makes them sing.

Here's your pics embeded for easy viewing:

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Yes those swans are something else that's for sure. Cleveland plasma is where there from anyone looking check them out.
Woohoo Mentor, Ohio Pride! Thought i was the only one lol. Nice rig Jay. I really like the speakers, sub and the overall system except for the amp. I am not a fan of Emotiva amps at all.
Very nice. I have to get over to cleveland plasma and check out those swans. My system is about half way down on page 2 if you want to check out a fellow clevelander.
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