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Hi folks,

I'm usually pretty good at identifying the issue and tracing everything back to the source of the issue, but this one has me stumped.

Here's my gear list:

Integra DHC 9.9

3x Crown 602 amps using balanced outputs to Integra

Panny AE700 projector

Panamax 400

PS3 as DVD player

Dish Network VIP 612

I run HDMI from the PS3 and Dish to the Integra, and HDMI from the integra to the Panny PJ - not a complicated setup.

Here's my issue - whether watching TV through the Dish, OR watching a movie/playing a game through the PS3, about 3 minutes after turning everyting on, the projector warning light flashes, and powers down. It's almost as if it's getting a power spike or something, but after 2 minutes of having everything on, seems quite odd.

Here's the strangest part. When the PJ warning light flashes and powers down, I lose audio on the system for 5-6 seconds. Then, the audio will come back on, as the PJ is powering down and turns off. So, here's what I'm thinking could be the possible issues, and would highy appreciate your perspective.

1. Although I turn on the system from integra --> amp --> dish or DVD --> Panny, I wonder if a power spike is making it's way through the system and "hitting the PJ" - I've tried turning on the PJ first, unplugging it until everything else is "warmed up" after a few minutes, and yet the PJ still powers down.

2. could it be the HDMI signal going from the Integra to the PJ? Not sure if something is possibly wrong with the Integra, and sending a spike via the HDMI cable to PJ, and hence shutting down the audio signal for a few seconds as well?

I don't mind replacing anything in my system to fix the issue, but I don't want to spend $$$$ to replace an item, only to find it's something else.

I have the room wired discretely on it's own power, with switches for everything based on the power I knew I'd need. any help is highly appreciated!

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