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Ok for rope lights to share outlet with audio gear?

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I installed 4 strands of 18' rope lights inside my crown moulding. They're rated a 55watts each. Blue Incandescants. Heres a link to what I have:


I have 2 15 amp circuits I can easily add them too. One circuit is used only for the subwoofer. Which has been a Cadence, but is about to be upgraded to an SVS PC13 Ultra. The other circuit is running my JVC RS1, Marantz 7002, emotiva 5 channel amp, and oppo bluray player.

The math says the 200 watts I want to add is minimal but I'm wondering if having lights on the same cicruits as audio and video gear could cause any problems. Any thoughts? I could run a new line for them if I need to, but I'm trying to be lazy and avoiding the attic.
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I would hook it to the sub circuit and hope for the best. without knowing your design if you can anticipate a problem lay in a loop of unconnected romex while it is still easy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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