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Ok bare with me....Still very new and have ideas...

3 tvs.....Rear PJ with only component.....CRT with just rca ins(ugh).....In72 PJ with DVI and HDMI...

I want to be able to have all three hooked into one main HTPC, so i`m thinking I need what 3 htpc`s correct? One main and two others?

Now I have Bell 6100 and Dishnet 3100(legit). I want to be able to record off both and then be able to login to the main pc from each tv and pull up recorded shows. Can I also schedule recordings from all the other tvs?

I have no interest in HD-DVD and Blu Ray right now cause I don`t want to invest the cash until thats sorted out.

I don`t need the fastest thing possible to do this but sort of in the middle so upgrades are not like next 6 months.

Suggestions for video cards, tuners, and all other parts needed to do this please.....
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