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What's the best LCD TV 46"-50" to be used for an HTPC for around $1000 or less? Keep in mind, that the primary use for it is a PC monitor and media center using a single HDMI port. Currently, I have a first generation Sony Bravia LCD TV 46" sitting where my new TV will go. I currently sit about 5.5 feet away from it on my bedouch; and, dont have any plans to move the bedouch or TV.

My friend told me there's a 47" Vizio HDTV with 480Hz, LED lit, 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 4ms response time, 3D for $949?!!! I'm guessing that's a top contender; if not, the best in that class of TVs. I'm sure it will be a gigantic step forward.

What vertical refresh rate would I set my display card at for that Vizio? Surely, it wont be 480hz. Will the TV automatically do all the refresh rate adjustments on the fly to 480hz? (presuming there's no 480hz vertical refresh rate setting on my display card LOL). Will I see any substantial difference in video quality upgrading my Nvidia 8500GT display adapter? It currently has a native HDMI out. I dont know much about HDMI version numbers. However, if its not a difference I'd notice right away, I'm not going to spend more money than I have to. I have no plans to use sound over HDMI.



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Any claims you see for an LCD/LED above 240hz is probably some sort of marketing mumbojumbo. Samsung calls their's clear motion rate, and they combine the actual refresh (either 120 or 240) with lighting and processing effects.

Keep in mind those numbers are for how many times per second it displays each frame. No consumer tv can accept a 480hz input signal.

You will probably have better luck posting your question in the LCD forum.

I sell electronics at one of the big boxes, and I'd have to say so far this year the Samsung D6000 is the best selling series. Its a 1080p 120hz (claimed to have a 240 clear motion rate) and the 46" retails between $950 and $1100 depending on sales.

The competing LG set would be the LV5500 (47") and the Sony EX620. Another Samsung to check out is the D6400. It's edgeless and can do 3D for not a whole lot more.

The response time on a tv is shortest when all the processing is turned off. This is usually in a Game Mode. Sharp calls it Vyper Drive, and Im sure somebody else has a marketing term for it. It turns off things like subdrive and frame interpolation.

You are going to send one of two signals to your tv, a 60hz signal for normal tv watching, and a 24hz signal for bluray. The tv may have to be set to automatically detect the 24hz signal (usually the setting on the tv is called 24p or film mode). From there you can decide how exactly you want it to handle the signal (5:5 pull down, frame interpolation, etc).

You htpc will have to be set to output one of the refresh rates. One of them will be 60hz from the Nvidia Control panel. To do 24hz, well, look around the forum for more info on that. That will keep you busy for a while.
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