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Old Faithful ae700u Needs a polarizer kit

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hey guys im wondering if someone can help me out, ive got an old heh well i guess it is getting old, panny ae700u that was getting some blue streaks on the right hand side of the screen, and i found a number of posts suggesting optical block (i put a new lamp in about 500 hours ago) but i also found some posts suggesting a cleaning, so I found the service manual online, I took the unit apart and indeed it was dirty, but what i did find is that one of the incidence polarizers, the (im guessing red ) red one, the service manual has inidcates it as (R) has a defect in it, almost looks like when you press down too hard on an old LCD calculator and you get one of those black cracks.

anyway to the point, does anyone one know where i can purchase a new one of these? i saw some posts that refered to a polarizer kit that had replacements, but all the links to where to purchase these seem to be dead and i cant find a whole lot with a google search.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

It is almost time to upgrade, but i dont want to if i can help it after recently putting a new bulb in

thanks as always guys
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i should actually thow a correction in here, it is not the polarizer filter that has the problem, it is a peice of glass behind it that held in place with a plastic braket and two gold colored screws, i cant even find in the service manual what those are called, although i am still looking
well after some thourough taking things apart, cleaning, and inspecting, the polarizers themselves look fine, i did the big clean of the optical block and all the parts, but after putting everything back together it looks like i have the same blue blotches on the top right corner so i have to assume its the blue lcd panel itself,

I guess same question as the first post, with no luck searching ebay, anyone suggest where to get a new lcd? is this a call to panasonic? if so do i send them the whole thing? has anyone done this? (send the unit it to have it repaired and serviced?)

thanks guys!
Having the same problem with my PT-AE700U. I've ordered and replaced the green and blue polarizing filters in the LCD block, but still getting the blue haze/tint/ghosting. Did you replace the blue LCD and did it fix the problem?
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