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Old Firmware

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Does anyone have or know how to get older firmware???

I've got a Philips 47pfl7403d/27 running the latest firmware version lc81ulp-1.15

I would like to roll it back to version lc81ulp-1.11 which is what the unit had when I bought it.

I tried Philips but my messages go unanswered.

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I'll see if I have it saved at work. Probably not, but I have hundreds of those files and I don't always get around to clearing the older versions.

I have been slammed with work the last couple of weeks, so if I don't answer this thread feel free to contact me through PM and remind me.

PM your email addy and I'll send tonight when I get home. I have a version from 08, but it isn't marked as to which version.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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