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Old JVC RX-888V "overloaded"

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To save money I decided to use my old JVC RX-888V receiver and Infinity speakers with the Panasonic BD35 BluRay player.

I have one HDMI cable fro the BD35 to my LCD for audio/video. I have a second optical audio cable to the JVC receiver.

Whenever I play a disk, it stops after a few seconds and the receiver says "overloaded" or "overheated". I did, as a test, play an audio CD with the HDMI cable unplugged (optical only) and it worked fine. This makes me think it's a setting or something related to HDMI/outs.

I think I have a setting wrong either on the BD35 or the JVS, or both. To be honest, I don't really understand the whole DTS/PCM, but I believe my receiver has these features. There is even a bitstream light that lights up.

Could someone help me out with this? I am SOOOO close to finishing up! Thanks.
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Here was my response in your other thread.

Originally Posted by In2Photos /forum/post/15438344

According to Page 13 of the BD35 manual:

≥Please set Digital Audio Output to the

connection you will use, coaxial or optical

digital. (􀀾 31)

≥When connecting a TV (􀀾 11, A) with HDMI

AV OUT terminal, set HDMI Audio Output to

Off. (􀀾 32)

(Otherwise, the sound may not be output with

the desired audio.)

You mentioned that you wanted to be able to "watch tv" with the sound coming from the TV or from surround sound, but not for Blu-Ray. So in this case setting the HDMI audio out to off should be fine.
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