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Old Pioneer or New Samsung

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First, I'd like to thank everyone that contributes to this site. Your input was invaluable for me many years ago when I bought my first Pioneer 5070 for my living room. You all helped me get it setup correctly and then guided me through the "blinking blue light" issues from OTA / TV Guide Setup. My 5070 is still going strong and I couldn't be happier.

I am now looking to get a 2nd set for my bedroom. I want a 70" but it appears I can really only afford 60" right now. The room is fairly dark and places me 16-17' away from the screen (versus 10-11' on the other set). I am trying to decide between buying an old used Pioneer 6070 or a new low-end Samsung PN60F5300AFXZA. The used Pioneer would be somewhat cheaper, but at this price point I would rather spend more if the results are better.

So, finally, my question is what is better for me the Pioneer 6070 or Samsung 5300 given my below priorities?

1) Picture Quality - highest on my priority list, but the 720P has been more than acceptable to me at the distance
2) Remaining life-span of unit - this is a close 2nd place
3) Features - fairly low priority compared to the above two items

I figured this would be quick and easy for some of you.
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What would the price point be for the Pioneer? These samsungs are going petty cheap, but they seem to be going quick.
The Pioneer is about half the cost of the Samsung, but no warranty, etc.
Not even close, the Samsung. Every aspect of pq will be better on the Samsung plus you get a warranty. That Pioneer has got to be like 7/8 years old now.
Samsung all the way. 60" Sammy 5300 will be under $1000 easy but act fast. The only Kuro I might get at this point would be a KRP with low hours.
Unless it's a 9g at least I would go with the Sammy. It depends what you use it for. If you play games a lot I would wait for a KRP or Signature I know they are tough to find but the motion is the smoothest of any plasma when playing games. If you just watch movies the Samsung is great for that purpose. With tweaks a 9g is incredibly deep almost 3d looking if you are patient.
The KRP look much, much better than the F5300, almost as good as the OLED. I have both
The KRP look much, much better than the F5300, almost as good as the OLED. I have both
That's very nice, but I don't think the KRP was an option the OP listed as having.
Me Again

Yes, I was the OP and thanks to everyone for the feedback. I have a Pioneer 6070 available to me for around $400. The only other 60" plasma that I can afford right now is the Samsung 5300 (PN60F5300AFXZA).

Based on the feedback I received here I was thinking about the Samsung. However, I checked one out at Best Buy yesterday and the unit they had there was not a good fit for me. I did not like the PQ at all (way too dark and noticeable pixels). I am wondering if the set had a bad setup, connection or just a lot of hours, because my old 5070 seems to have better PQ.

I am going to check out the other Pioneer tonight to compare. I'm now wondering if I should just wait until I can afford a better set, but I guess all the plasmas will be long gone by then.

I may be stuck in a LED world after all. Any thoughts from the crowd?
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