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Old Pioneer VSA-AX10Ai - Any way to control from a smart phone or a bridge too far?

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Morning all,

Have an old Pioneer AX10i (an Elite over there) being used to drive 7 Evids and 2 B&W PV1's in the garden. The music source is a Sonos Port controlled from a Sony Xperia 1 II. It works very well overall but control is a little clunky.

I'm wandering if there is any reasonable way to somehow use the same mobile to control the AX10i?

The rest of the garden items are controlled from the mobile .... security lights, decorative lights, irrigation, power. It's small scale stuff but works pretty well. Would be great to be able to control functions like Channel Levels and volume and input source.

Am I wasting my time or is there a credible solution I could look at?

Appreciate any direction or experience you have in this area.
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Sounds like you need a real control system to tame the disparate pieces of incompatible hardware...
myServer can do what you need.
So could Control4, Crestron and likely Savant.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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